Open Classifieds 2.2.0

Open Classifieds is a PHP script for advertisement / listings. It's search engine optimized, lightweight and customizable. It provides templates, Paypal support, social logins, customized fields, sitemap ad robots.txt features, widgets, akisment and captcha integration, twitter, google maps, and requires only PHP and MySQL.

Tags php mysql website classifieds e-commerce shopping
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

2.2.005 Sep 2014 09:01 minor feature: New skins for Kamaleon and CZsale themes. New review/star system. New favorites feature. New payment gateways (, paymill, stripe and bitpay. Rearranged admin panel for easier website management. New WYSIWYG admin content editor (allows HTML). SEO improvements following best practices. Custom fields show in listings view. Brand new automatic e-mails system. Publishing a new ad has a loading bar now. Counters and listings for multi-level categories. Child themes. New cron system.