OpenXava 5.1

OpenXava is a Java Framework for rapid web application development and easy AJAX utilization. Business logic and associating data structures are sufficient for generating interactive frontends. It's compatible to a wide range of open source and proprietary plattforms, including databases, application servers and enterprise repositories.

Tags java development rad ajax
License GNU LGPL
State stable

Recent Releases

5.123 Oct 2014 14:05 major feature: Editable collections (@ElementCollection) improvements. Editor to attach several files to one entity. Java 8 support. @DefaultValueCalculator is executed each time that the properties in @PropertyValue(from) change. Look and feel for totals in lists and collections improved. FirstSteps content changed. French messages improved. Showing messages in log for annotation misuse in element collection. Methods assertEditableInCollection() and assertNoEditableInCollection() of ModuleTestBase work for any type of collection. New assertValidValuesCountInCollection() and assertValidValuesInCollection() methods in ModuleTestBase. Some new common use labels to be used in applications. Multiple bug fixes.
5.0.115 Jul 2014 10:07 minor feature: Focus navigation improved for list filter fields. Date format in editors with date and time improved for Catalonian and French. Some new common use labels to be used in applications. Fix: Module as key in i18n labels file breaks the name and module description resolution for all modules. Fix: Message of ValidationException from setter not shown to the user on create. Fix: Labels placed incorrectly in properties not in the first column. Fix: Incorrect properties alignment in some cases. Fix: Icons in properties with label format SMALL are shown on left instead on top. Fix: Too much space between UI elements. Fix: Unique constraint custom message is not displayed with embedded classes. Fix: When focus lost with tab key from a date field in the list filter part of the date field is hidden. Fix: Two collections in the same row are wrapped with a very ugly frame. Fix: In DateTimeSeparatedCalendar editor when the time is not specified the value is null, even if the date exists. Fix: Entering 2 digits for year in editors with date and time creates a date of first century. Fix: XML component applications without persistence.xml does not start with OpenXava 5. Fix: @AssertTrue fails with @Id and @GeneratedValue(strategy=GenerationType.AUTO) used in an embedded collection. Fix: GROOVY_DSL_SUPPORT problem compiling with Eclipse in some machines. Fix: Dates in descriptions list not well formatted, really it used just toString() for all data types. Fix: Property label definition in XML components takes preference over i18n files. Fix: View.getCollectionSelectedValues() and CollectionBaseAction.getMapsSelectedValues() do not return all displayed column values. Fix: Totals are not recalculated with element collections sometimes.