Pango 1.54.0

Pango is a library for layout and rendering of text, with an emphasis on internationalization. Pango can be used anywhere that text layout is needed; however, most of the work on Pango so far has been done using the GTK widget toolkit as a test platform. Pango forms the core of text and font handling for GTK. Pango is designed to be modular; the core Pango layout can be used with different font backends. There are three basic backends, with multiple options for rendering with each. Client-side fonts using the FreeType and FontConfig libraries. Rendering can be with with Cairo or Xft libraries, or directly to an in-memory buffer with no additional libraries. Native fonts on Microsoft Windows. Rendering can be done via Cairo or directly using the native Win32 API. Native fonts on MacOS X with the CoreText framework, rendering via Cairo. The integration of Pango with Cairo provides a complete solution with high quality text handling and graphics rendering. As well as the low level layout rendering routines, Pango includes PangoLayout, a high level driver for laying out entire blocks of text, and routines to assist in editing internationalized text.

Tags fonts framework rendering internationalization gtk library c
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

1.54.010 Jun 2024 20:25 major bugfix: Build - Memory leak - Drop the install-tests build option. Add build-examples and build-tests build options. Require meson 0.63. Add pango_item_get_char_offset. Update to Unicode 15.1. wrong use of GWeakRef, leading to crashes.
1.52.231 Mar 2024 20:14 minor bugfix: - coretext: Implement reload_font - coretext: Use Menlo instead of Courier for monospace - win32: Avoid a double free - Update to Unicode 15.1 - Simplify hexbox drawing
1.52.028 Feb 2024 03:21 minor feature: - Add pango_font_map_reload_font - Improve formatting of font sizes