Parrot VM 6.8.0

Parrot is a parser toolkit and virtual machine optimized for dynamic and scripting languages. It was designed for Perl6 but supports Lua, Ruby, Python, Pascal, Tcl and Scheme implementations. The Parrot runtime is register-based, garbage-collected, provides Unicode-aware strings, polymorphic object containers, allows dynamic opcodes, and its bytecode is commonly compiled from PIR (Parrot Intermediate Language), PASM (Parrot Assembly), or NQP (Not Quite Perl).

Tags c parrot vm interpreter scripting-language perl6 developers
License Artistic
State development

Recent Releases

6.8.019 Sep 2014 14:20 minor feature: Parrot 6.8.0 "Little Lorikeet" fixes various Pod::Simple syntax checker documentation bugs. The bytecode to executable compiler (pbc_to_exe) creates binaries now with absolute execname on most platforms.
6.7.021 Aug 2014 00:38 minor feature: Version 6.7.0 "Grey-headed Lovebird" adds more name aliases for Perl6 (LF, FF, CR and NEL), and optimizes internal pcc CallContext calls. It also improves a few documentation points and component tests.