PasDoc 0.16.0

PasDoc is a documentation tool for Object Pascal code, able to parse all modern Pascal features. Documentation is generated from comments found in your source code and from external files. Output formats include HTML and LaTeX. Command line and GUI versions are available.

Tags delphi software development documentation
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

0.16.030 Dec 2023 18:15 minor feature: New website, using Jekyll, generated from our wiki, see (Michalis) Moved everything to GitHub Ancestors list is now affected by external class hierarchy (Michalis) Markdown support (Fr0sT-Brutal) Supporting bold, italic, inline code, multi-line code, URLs, lists. @note and @warning tags (Bi0T1N) @url tag (Bi0T1N) Allow to lowercase output of @nil, @false, @true by --lowercase-keywords (Bi0T1N) Automatically detect flag like xxx at @param description. See here for example. (PifPof) Scan implementation section of a unit in addition to the interface section (Fr0sT-Brutal) Parser improvements to correctly handle some special cases: reading chars FF, "*.inc" includes, files with Mac-style line endings (Fr0sT-Brutal) Mem leaks fixed (Fr0sT-Brutal) Tag parameters now could be multiline without enclosing parens by means of "line feed" character "" (Fr0sT-Brutal) Read additional command-line options from file (Fr0sT-Brutal) --auto-back-comments command-line option (Fr0sT-Brutal) pasdoc_gui opens a file given at command-line, opening WWW browser is optional (Fr0sT-Brutal) @longcode without markers fixed (Michalis) Support for namespaces in units in @links (Fr0sT-Brutal) --ignore-marker option (Fr0sT-Brutal) Test suite fixes and better documentation, in particular for Windows users Catalan translation updated (Xavier Martínez) Delphi Tokyo files, to compile all projects and packages (Carlos Feitoza Filho) Brazilian Portuguese translation updated (Carlos Feitoza Filho) Parse identifiers declared as xxx, where "xxx" may be a reserved word. Possibility to specify additional files using -A or --additional (just like introduction or conclusion, but you can provide any number of items) (Alex Merkel) Added de.utf8 (German with UTF-8 encoding) Automatically remove region and endregion from comments Show vis
0.15.008 Feb 2018 23:50 minor feature: Links to enumerated type members work now. New @includeCode tag . @longCode and @preformatted improved to better honor indentation. Parsing "experimental" directive. Allow to customize HTML output more, with your own CSS and HTML, by --html-head, --html-body-begin, --html-body-end command-line params. HTML output is now HTML5. Add our tools to the binary release: pascal_pre_proc (Pascal preprocessor), file_to_pascal_data, file_to_pascal_string. Improve CSS and HTML, in particular for accessibility and mobile browsers. Among many improvements, we removed fixed font size in pixels, changed some tables into divs, and fixed HTML validity around Tipue search box. pasdoc_gui uses now default font size on your system. Updated Spanish (Spain) translation . Tipue works now more efficiently -- the (potentially large) "index data" is only loaded on the "Search Results" page. Automatic tests rearrangements and simplifications.
0.14.016 Aug 2015 15:55 minor feature: Many fixes to parsing "deprecated", "platform", "library" directives. "simplexml" output fixes. The document creation time is not printed in the docs by default, use --include-creation-time" to show it. Brazilian utf8 translation. Upgrade tipue to 3.0.1, update jquery to 2.0.0. Various other small fixes and code cleanups.