pax 2014.07.03

pax (portable archive exchange) is a standard Unix archiving utility as outlined by POSIX.1-2001 / IEEE 1003.2, to bridge and provide a more universal command line interface. The MirCPIO / paxmirabilis implementation was based on paxtar and is developed by the MirBSD project. It provides -r read and -w write support for cpio, ustar, sv4cpio, ar(5), and the old BSD tar format. paxcpio and paxtar are included for easier transition.

Tags c archiver packaging tar cpio pax compression
License BSDL
State development

Recent Releases

2014.07.0308 Aug 2014 02:47 minor feature: Minor changes to the Makefile, and new -0 command line option were added. Linebreak handling for output adapted.