Persy Transactional Storage 0.3.3

Persy is a single file transactional storage with support of consistency and two phase commit

Tags database storage transaction
License MPL-1
State prerelease

Recent Releases

0.3.303 Feb 2019 22:48 minor bugfix: fixes journal serialization, and record operations on multiple cluster created in the same transaction.
0.3.213 Sep 2018 21:04 minor feature: fixes multithread operations, and high number of segments
0.3.023 Apr 2018 21:29 minor feature: add of file locking for avoid multiple open, improved recover API
0.2.214 Mar 2018 22:45 minor feature:
0.2.005 Oct 2017 22:20 minor feature:
01.117 Jul 2017 21:06 minor feature: