MusicBrainz Picard 2.12

Picard is a cross-platform music tagger written in Python. It supports all common audio formats (MP3, FLAC, OGG, M4A, WMA). And uses AcoustID audio fingerprints, for automatic music identification; or look up CD images even. For additional features, a wide list of plugins is available; and it's easy to extend.

Tags python audio music id3 tagging
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

2.1228 Jun 2024 14:45 minor feature: : PICARD-2468 - Unexpected behavior of MP3 comment tags when language isn't set. PICARD-2846 - macOS package MusicBrainz-Picard-2.11-macOS-10.12.dmg is not compatible with macOS 10.12 and 10.13. PICARD-2850 - ` _filename ` tag displays as "_mp3" in preview. PICARD-2866 - Non-genre tag added as genre for standalone recording. PICARD-2868 - Picard crashes after selecting track search result. PICARD-2880 - Non-integer rate limit delay causes crashes. PICARD-2883 - Tooltip explaining match icon missing when there are multiple candidates. PICARD-2885 - Special file error icons for permission and not found errors are not being used. PICARD-2891 - Dragging matched files from right pane to clusters does not use original metadata. PICARD-2895 - Picard crashes on Windows with Deezer plugin enabled. PICARD-2901 - Pressing Shift+Alt+A (Add tag) raises an exception when there's nothing to edit. PICARD-2910 - AttributeError: 'ScriptEditorDialog' object has no attribute 'unsaved_changes_confirmation'. PICARD-2918 - Crash when quitting Picard after saving large number of files. PICARD-2919 - "Unrecognized image data" error when fetching GIF Cover Art. Improvements: PICARD-2716 - Accept encodings other than UTF-8 when opening CD extraction logs. PICARD-2896 - Support.ogx extension for Ogg container. PICARD-2935 - Improve results of genre filter options.
2.1127 Jan 2024 18:21 minor bugfix: PICARD-2819 - Track/release relationship settings not being respected as described
2.1.305 Mar 2019 09:45 minor bugfix: PICARD-323 - Only the discid of the first disc in a release is written to tags. PICARD-455 - Picard setting cover art height, width and depth to 0 for FLAC files -- breaks libFLAC. PICARD-729 - Tracks get stuck at " loading track information " on Bad Gateway errors. PICARD-938 - Need two left-arrow key presses to go from track with file to album. PICARD-1178 - Images tagged with extra types that the user has chosen to ignore should not be shown as 'modified'. PICARD-1288 - Folskonomy tags / genre fallback on album artists tags not working. PICARD-1422 - Windows: Uninstall 32 bit Picard before upgrade. PICARD-1447 - When releasing a new version, appdata should also be updated. PICARD-1460 - Windows installer does not detect running instance. PICARD-1461 - Crash when running with Spanish language. PICARD-1463 - Picard crashes on startup on Windows. PICARD-1469 - Force when adding songs to larger albums. PICARD-1471 - Artist searches do not show begin and end area. PICARD-1473 - AcoustId lookup fails if fingerprint already in tags. PICARD-1474 - Windows installer shows outdated version string in file properties. PICARD-1475 - Cover art sources do not support HTTPS. PICARD-1476 - Filled up thread pool prevents metadata box updates. PICARD-1478 - Changing MB server requires a restart. PICARD-1480 - Search line input clear button icon is too small. Task. PICARD-1459 - Remove method. PICARD-1472 - macOS code signing on Travis CI fails for xcode7.3 image. Improvement. PICARD-1242 - Consider the number of AcoustID sources for linked recordings. PICARD-1457 - "Check for Update" should be in the Picard menu. PICARD-1458 - "Check for Update" should have an ellipsis at the end. PICARD-1470 - Make warning about Qt locale loading less prominent.
2.1.230 Jan 2019 20:25 minor bugfix: PICARD-1382 - macOS packaging script ignores all errors. Task. PICARD-1456 - macOS packaging fails due to PIP.
2.1.022 Dec 2018 03:18 major feature: PICARD-105 - Picard won't load non-album tracks from fingerprints. PICARD-421 - Releases in private collections are not shown as being in them. PICARD-518 - Sliders without labels in "Options - Metadata - Preferred Releases". PICARD-637 - matchedtracks is broken. PICARD-875 - AIFF does not support any of the compatid3 tags. PICARD-949 - Track can be placed in the incorrect spot on the release after using Scan. PICARD-1013 - False file save error in specific circumstances. PICARD-1060 - Collections menu not displayed correctly anymore. PICARD-1112 - Cannot save tags that were previously deleted from file. PICARD-1133 - Plugins list doesn't load automatically after setting proxy. PICARD-1162 - Solo vocals are tagged wrong. PICARD-1219 - Picard creating empty ID3 TIPL / TMCL / IPLS frames. PICARD-1245 - Set field "Grouping" doesn't work as expected. PICARD-1275 - After uninstalling a plugin Picard needs to be restarted for it to be reinstalled. PICARD-1281 - Picard has wrong version string on macOS. PICARD-1320 - Black text on a dark theme. PICARD-1332 - Deleted tags for matched files stay deleted. PICARD-1336 - MP4 reports "bpm" as unsupported tag. PICARD-1339 - Removing unclustered files can be very slow. PICARD-1340 - File info doesn't display Mono / Stereo in Channels field anymore. PICARD-1341 - Cluster track order misinterprets disc/track numbers. PICARD-1346 - Move additional files fails if multiple patterns match. PICARD-1348 - Keyboard shortcuts broken due to localization. PICARD-1350 - Drag and drop on cover image box does not always work as expected. PICARD-1355 - Setting or unsetting album for non-album tracks does not work. PICARD-1359 - Crash with tagger integration when using DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials. PICARD-1364 - picard.exe has no version tag. PICARD-1368 - Info messages are not sh
2.0.406 Sep 2018 10:45 minor bugfix: PICARD-803 - tagging "8½ Minutes" with "replace with non-ascii characters" results in a directory being created. PICARD-1216 - Does not display version information. PICARD-1267 - 2.0.0dev6 crash in demode on Windows April Update (1803). PICARD-1281 - Picard has wrong version string. PICARD-1294 - Crashes every time Picard connects to MB server. PICARD-1310 - Picard crashes on clearing log. PICARD-1318 - RuntimeError: dictionary changed size during iteration. PICARD-1321 - CD drive selection not working on Linux. PICARD-1322 - Crash in options on "Restore defaults". PICARD-1323 - Restore defaults does not restore CAA types. PICARD-1324 - Default locale not working reliable. PICARD-1326 - Picard Save Changes 5.1 Mix Type. PICARD-1327 - Loading TAK files fails. PICARD-1328 - Loading OptimFROG files fails. PICARD-1329 - Picard fails saving ID3 tags with iTunNORM tag. PICARD-1331 - Picard crashes on error during plugin install.
2.0.311 Aug 2018 03:25 minor bugfix: PICARD-1122 - Preffered release type settings are exclusive and should be inclusive. PICARD-1207 - Move additional files feature fails when source directory contains non-ascii characters. PICARD-1247 - Not all "preserved" tags are preserved. PICARD-1305 - Search dialog crashes picard when record doesn't have an album. PICARD-1306 - picard crashes when opening the options dialog if the cwd doesn't exist. New Feature. PICARD-1289 - Allow manually running any tagger script. Improvement. PICARD-1292 - MusicBrainz Picard 2.01 64-bit for windows installs to "C: Program Files (x86)" by default. PICARD-1302 - Dropping an image from Google image crashes picard. PICARD-1303 - picard crashes when matching a cluster with a release with no tracks. PICARD-1304 - Info dialog for album crashes because track doesn't have a tracknumber. Regression. PICARD-259 - Make file-specific variables available to tagger script.
2.0.231 Jul 2018 03:15 minor bugfix: Sub-task PICARD-1296 - Code sign Picard for macOS. Task. PICARD-1301 - Use PyQT 5.10 for macOS. PICARD-342 - Picard is not properly signed for Mac OS X Gatekeeper. PICARD-1212 - Picard 2.0.0dev4 crashing at startup. PICARD-1300 - Picard crashes when logging lots of events.
2.0.123 Jul 2018 03:15 minor bugfix: PICARD-1283 - Fingerprinting not working on macOS in Picard 2.0. PICARD-1286 - Error creating SSL context on Windows. Improvement. PICARD-1290 - Improve slow start up times by moving to a non single file exe. PICARD-1291 - Use an installer for Picard 2.x windows exe.
2.019 Jul 2018 13:30 major feature: Python should now be at least version 3.5, PyQt 5.7 or newer and Mutagen should be 1.37 or newer. A side effect of this dependency bump is that Picard should look better and in general feel more responsive. The highlights of this update are: Retina and Hi-DPI display support, Improved performance, UI improvements.