Pimp my Log 1.7.13

Pimp my Log is a prettifying log viewer for web servers. It's written in PHP, understands Apache, NGINC, IIS webserver logs, but also PHP, sshd, Tomcat, RoR and syslogs. It can render any text source, multi-line logs, supports major browsers, provides desktop tail and rotation notifications, can search and filter logs, by regex even, sort entries, mark and hide columns, works with large files. It's easy to set up due to its initial auto-configuration, still allows overriding settings, and is lightweight.

Tags php apache nginx log log-viewer
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

1.7.1324 Feb 2017 03:15 minor feature: Add configuration examples in the cfg-examples folder, globals.USER_TIME_ZONE not working, Bower dependencies updated
1.7.1115 Dec 2016 09:45 minor feature: Search for log paths within sub-directories of specified Apache paths, Allow installation to custom installer path, Custom configuration file path, : fseek() expects parameter 2 to be integer, float given ( more info and #108)
1.7.723 Dec 2014 18:45 minor bugfix: Cut text in modes txt, pre and preformatted displays hellip; instead of using "..."
1.5.115 Nov 2014 14:25 minor bugfix: Configuration file split fixed.