Pinta 1.5

Pinta is a graphics drawing/editing program modeled after Paint.NET. It strives to be simple yet feature-rich, and runs cross-platform. Drawing tools include freehand, lines, rectangles, ellipses, and more. It allows unlimited layering, undo and redo history, over 35 image effects, and supports floating or MDI workspace layout.

Tags c gtk image drawing paint
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

1.519 Feb 2015 16:05 major feature: e-editable text. Mouse cursors now resize based on the active brush size. The Move Selection and Move Selected tools can now rotate the selection using the right mouse button. Added an Invert Selection command. New or redesigned mouse cursors for every tool. Improved OSX integration (file associations and improved dock integration) Redesigned Windows installer, which automatically downloads and installs the correct version of GTK# and the .NET Framework if necessary. Improved JPEG Compression Dialog (remembers previous settings and has the OK button as the default control). The Open File dialog now shows image previews for ORA files, as well as any file formats provided by add-ins.