pipeglade 4.8.0

Graphical User Interfaces, The UNIX Way -- Pipeglade is a helper program that displays graphical user interfaces for other programs. It renders the GUI definition found in a GtkBuilder file (created using the Glade Interface Designer), and communicates with the main program solely via pipes or fifos. To have its GUI rendered by pipeglade, a program must be able to send plain text commands to standard output or a named pipe and/or receive and parse simple plain text messages from standard input or a named pipe. Pipeglade strives for simplicity; it provides access to a subset of the features available in GTK+ 3. Widgets able to communicate via pipeglade include text labels and images, statusbars and progress indicators, various kinds of buttons, spinbuttons and scales/sliders, comboboxes and menus, various text and tabular inputs, various standard dialog windows, calendars, drawing areas.

Tags gtk pipe fifo gui c glade gtkbuilder freebsd linux posix developers
License MITL
State alpha

Recent Releases

4.8.013 Oct 2017 10:05 major documentation: Add support for GtkAspectFrame, GtkLinkButton, and GtkMenu. Add documentation for GtkMenuBar, GtkMenuButton, GtkPaned, and GtkSizeGroup. Improve and document previously undocumented :ping command.
4.7.025 Jun 2016 03:16 major feature: Add command line option -b for sending pipeglade to background. Add command line option -l for logging duration of pipeglade command execution. Add command line option -O for redirecting stderr. Widget names are alphanumeric including underscores and (new) hyphens. Reject commands with excess arguments. Support temporary blocking of feedback messages. GtkDialog and GtkFileChooserDialog now respond to the commands that work for GtkWindow. Toplevel windows report 'name:' when by the window manager. GtkStatusbar commands take non-whitespace strings as context id, not just integers. Add missing GtkStatusbar command remove_all_id. Support saving snapshots of widgets into image files (eps, ps, pdf, svg). Support coordinate transformation in GtkDrawingArea. New ability for GtkDrawingArea commands to insert themselves at arbitrary positions in the current list of drawing operations, not just at the end. Remove GtkDrawingArea command refresh; refreshing happens automatically. Add GtkDrawingArea command set_font_face. Add GtkDrawingArea command rel_move_for supporting text placement with respect to center, upper left corner, etc., of the text. Add GtkScale and GtkSpinButton commands set_range, set_increments, and (GtkScale only) set_fill_level. Command execution time improved by a factor of about 20. Avoid silly precision on mouse coordinates emitted from GtkEventBox. Floating point format in commands and messages is now independent of the current locale.
4.5.026 Mar 2016 12:45 major feature: Add GtkStatusbar commands that take a context id argument. Add support for changing widget size. Add support for GtkScrolledWindow.
4.4.013 Dec 2015 07:45 major bugfix: a subtle GTK-related where freshly created fifos vanished. a involving GTK+ 3.14 and GtkTreeView. Add a --display option.
4.3.002 Dec 2015 17:25 major documentation: Support GtkTreeStore. Support editing in GtkTreeView. Data behind GtkTextView and GtkTreeView can be saved into files where they are stored as a sequence of ordinary pipeglade commands. Arbitrary commands can be read from files. Setting fields of a non-existing GtkTreeStore/GtkListStore row automatically creates any nodes necessary in the supporting tree structure.
4.1.003 Oct 2015 14:05 major feature: Add support for the XEmbed protocol, both as a GtkPlug and a GtkSocket. Add support for GtkPrintUnixDialog. Improve build process.
4.0.027 Sep 2015 11:25 major feature: Change API: Remove deprecated commands override_color, override_background_color, and override_font. Disable runtime GLIB deprecation warnings.
3.0.028 Feb 2015 11:45 minor feature: Change API: No user-visible callbacks anymore, simplifying UI creation. Change API: Changed feedback messages for a couple of widgets. Synthetically fired events have become a bit more useful. Improve handling of GtkProgressBar and GtkStatusbar.
2.2.022 Feb 2015 08:45 minor feature: Add support for GtkDrawingArea.
2.1.027 Jan 2015 09:05 minor feature: Add support for GtkExpander, GtkFrame, GtkNotebook, and GtkSwitch. Add support for changing of GUI fonts and colors. Rewrite parts of manual page.
1.1.007 Jan 2015 14:45 minor feature: Change response of GtkTreeView which now reports an additional clicked' message and the values of all selected rows.
0.3.003 Jan 2015 19:40 minor feature: Added support GtkColorButton, GtkFontButton, and for graying out and hiding of arbitrary widgets.
0.1.131 Dec 2014 20:46 minor feature: