Pitivi 2020.09

Pitivi is a unique video editor suited for newcomers and professionals. It features hundreds of animated effects / filters / transitions, any GStreamer-supported video file and encoding format, realtime editing, is framerate-independent and very precise, audio processing and volume normalization, Gnome and GES-integration, and allows reliable background processing and has built-in backup functionality.

Tags python gnome gtk video editing gstreamer python3 gtk3 numpy
License GNU LGPL
State beta

Recent Releases

2020.0902 Oct 2020 20:45 minor feature: This release includes lots of new features, originating from GSoC internships, from University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Soft-261 class Spring 2020 and from individual contributors. A plugin system allows extending the Pitivi functionality medium-term, targeted for teams of editors. A developer console plugin allows interacting with the project in a Python console. Custom UI replaces the automatically generated UI for a handful of effects. Easy Ken-Burns effect. The new Greeter perspective replaces the Welcome wizard dialog and allows a slick selection of a recently opened project. When being resized, the Viewer shows the percent of the actual widget size in relation to the project video size. The Viewer size snaps at 50 when being resized. Scaled proxies if optimized media is too much for your machine. Timeline markers. Support for nested timelines by importing entire XGES files as a clip. The Effects Library has been redesigned to allow quick access to effects. Ability to favorite effects in the Effects Library. Improved workflow for adding effects. The refreshed clip effects UI allows working on multiple effects at a time. Refactored Media Library using same logic for different view modes. Refactored Render Dialog UI to avoid overwhelming people. Tell us what you think about it. Restoring the editing state when reopening a project. Safe areas visualization in the Viewer. Easy alignment for video clips. Composition guidelines in the Viewer. Solid color clips. Ability to mute or hide an entire layer. Interactive intro so newcomers get familiar with the names of the UI elements. The action search is a shortcut to everything possible in the timeline, if you can find it. Press "/". New keyboard shortcuts for pros.
0.99930 Aug 2018 11:05 minor bugfix: Selecting a range of clips can be done by clicking followed by Shift+click. The advanced settings of the h264 encoder allow specifying a Profile. Rendering non-square pixels was broken and has been disabled. The xges files have an icon associated. The Save and Render buttons in the headerbar have been moved on the right side. Lots of ing.
0.9807 Dec 2016 08:25 minor bugfix: Customizable keyboard shortcuts. Used the warnings printed by GTK 3.22 to in the timeline widget. Lots of ing, mostly on the timeline.
0.9709 Aug 2016 17:45 minor bugfix: Fifth beta and 7th release of the new version of Pitivi based on GES. All the improvements from 0.91, 0.92, 0.93 and 0.94, 0.95, 0.96 plus: The rendering dialog has been reworked to clearly state what encoders and muxer are officially supported (and the GES integration tests have been added to check those). The build system has been ported to Meson and gst-transcoder is now a subproject. Usual.
0.9520 Nov 2015 09:05 minor bugfix: Third beta and 5th release of the new version of Pitivi based on GES. All the improvements from 0.91, 0.92, 0.93 and 0.94, plus: The timeline has been rewritten purely in GTK+. The glimagesink video rendering widget was replaced by gtk(gl)sink. The clip transformation box has been reimplemented. Direct importing to the timeline. Ability to copy and paste clips across the timeline. Integration with GstValidate and the "scenarios" system. Rewritten video mixing elements. We finally killed GNonLin. Now compatible again with smaller screen resolutions. Massive ing all over the place.
0.9403 Nov 2014 04:22 minor feature: The main toolbar and menubar have been replaced by a headerbar and menubutton, saving a significant amount of precious vertical space and using the horizontal space better.. The viewer has been ported to use a GStreamer GL video output sink instead of the Clutter sink. This solves crashes when running Pitivi outside of GNOME Shell and is expected to be a more future-proof solution.. We dropped our use of CoGL APIs, namely path_round_rectangle which caused crashes on various Linux distributions shipping a broken version of CoGL. Pitivi has been ported to Python 3. Text wrapping in the rendering progress dialog and title editor has been fixed. Effects can now be reordered within a clip's properties. The default positioning of UI components (when starting from a fresh install) has been improved to be balanced properly. Undocked window components do not shift position on startup anymore. Docked window components do not shift position on startup anymore, when the window is not maximized.. The title editor's UI has been simplified, and now supports decimal font sizes. Educational infobars throughout the UI have been tweaked to make their colors less intrusive. The user manual is now up to date with the state of the new Pitivi series. Port deprecated GTK+ widgets to new ones. Timeline UI animations have been tweaked. Code refactoring and cleanup all over the place. Various build and packaging fixes. Various fixes to the test suite. Various other bugs have been corrected.