PlayShell 0.2.4

PlayShell is a simple console-based application for playing media files in Linux using known media players like SoX, VLC, MPlayer and FFplay as backend.

Tags audio sound video music media player console terminal linux bash
License Public Domain
State stable

Recent Releases

0.2.404 Dec 2016 15:27 minor feature: * 0.2.4 (2016/12/04) Added .opus entries in players.table. Upgraded loader/compiler.gawk to version 0.1. Renamed PlayShell.Startup.show_help_info_only to PlayShell.show_help_info_and_exit. Renamed PlayShell.Startup.show_version_only to PlayShell.show_version_and_exit. Some whitespace and unused variable cleanups in Config.parse_file(). Simplified an error message about creating directories; dropped unnecessary use of ' ? -gt/-ne 0 '. Made pass arguments to compiler.gawk. tools/ Files archived with tar are now always owned by 0:0. * 0.2.3 (2016/06/29) No longer require creating ./users as EUID 0. Upgraded loader/compiler.gawk to version 0.WP20160629. Upgraded loader/loader.bash to version 0.2.
0.2.222 Jun 2016 14:11 major feature: * 0.2.2 (2016/04.02) Fixed installer: man1 directory does not get created. Some minor changes were also made. Simplified Play.Players.stop_by_signals() and made in-between signals timeout shorter. Prioritized MPlayer over VLC by default when playing video files since MPlayer allows fast-forwarding and rewinding in its interface and VLC does not. Removed extra leading space in the first line of Renamed ChangeLog to ChangeLog.txt. * 0.2.1 (2016/03/04) Fixed lock-up in Play.List.insert() caused by removing integer attribute on a variable with assignment. Fixed the manual page. Explicitly disabled video output in setups of mplayer that only plays audio to prevent it from showing thumbnails in m4a files. When EUID == 0, PlayShell will now also use "vlc" if "vlc-wrapper" doesn't work: "Cannot determine unprivileged user for VLC!" Made VLC the defaut player after gst123 in some audio formats. Removed exec's in command substitutions since they don't make a difference. Improved Added this changelog file. * 0.2 (2015/12/29) First stable milestone release.
0.2-rc118 Jun 2015 03:47 major feature: Candidate for first stable release.