ponysay 3.0.3

ponysay as an awesome terminal application to display ponies speaking messages in your terminal.

Tags terminal artistic-software
State stable

Recent Releases

3.0.307 Oct 2017 13:24 minor feature: New ponies: auntorange, caballeron, cocopommel, coloratura, coriander, doublediamond, ember, flurryheart, fluttershybat, fluttershybathang, freshcoat, goldiedelicious, grace, greta, kevin, kingthorax, lovemelody, moondancer, pharynx, plaidstripes, princepharynx, rara, saffron, starlightglimmer, stellareclipse, stormyflare, sunburst, sunburstcape, svengallop, thesmooze, thorax, tirek, treehugger, troubleshoes, twilightbreezie, whoanelly, zephyrbreeze, zipporwhill, zipporwhillsfather New extraponies: cocoachill, riverbeauty, velvetremedy Pony symlink added: cookiecrumbles raritysmom (official name) bettyboufant raritysmom (Gameloft name) hondoflanks raritysdad (official name) royalpin pockeypierce (Gamelft name) cloudyquartz sue (Gameloft name) cocopommel misscoco (changed in serie) horsemd doctop (official mame) fleurdelis fleurdislee (Gameloft name) blinkie limestone (Official name) inky marble (Official name) clyde igneousrock (Official name) hughjelly hughbertjellius (Official name) drcaballeron caballeron (Official spelling) countess rara (Real name) stormyflare spitfiresmom (family relationship) airheart jetstream (official name on merchandise) raindrops sunshowerraindros (official name on merchandise) lovemelody venus (resemblance) grace manewitz (part of the official name on merchandice) Special pony cases: * orange was renamed to uncleorange to not conflict with auntorange. * cocopommel was renamed to misspommel in the serie and merchandise a symlink was provided pointing to the old name * maudepie was renamed to maudpie since that her real name, we just misswrite it Changed all the references from griffin to griffon, that the apropiate canon in-universe name for this creature. Code is cleaned and improved. Initial fullwidth CJK characters support added.