Postfix Admin 3.0.2

Postfix Admin is a PHP/web interface for managing mailboxes, virtual domains and aliases, fetchmail, and away or auto-reply messages. It requires MySQL/MariaDB or PostgreSQL, and optionally integrates with Squirrelmail / Roundcube.

Tags php postfix mail-server administration email mariadb postgresql fetchmail
License GNU GPL
State beta

Recent Releases

3.0.209 Feb 2017 13:25 minor bugfix: SECURITY: don't allow to delete protected aliases (CVE-2017-5930, PR#23). - VacationHandler for PostgreSQL. - AliasHandler: restrict mailbox subquery to allowed and specified domains to improve performance on setups with lots of mailboxes. Allow switching between dovecot: password schemes while still accepting. Passwords hashed using the previous dovecot: scheme FetchmailHandler: use a valid date as default for 'date'. Date formatting in non-english languages when using PostgreSQL. Debian packaging: improve dependencies, remove old templates_c/ files. Various small.
3.0.120 Sep 2016 09:45 minor feature: Add missing Smarty files to Debian package. (no changes to PostAdmin, therefore only released as Debian packages).
3.012 Sep 2016 01:05 major feature: Add sqlite backend option. Add configurable smtp helo (CONF "smtp_client" ). New translation: ro (Romanian). Language update: tw, cs, de. Escaping in gen_show_status() (could be used to DOS list-virtual by. Creating a mail address with special chars) Add CSRF protection for POST requests. List.tpl: base edit/editactive/delete links in list.tpl on RAW_item to. Avoid double escaping, and some corner cases Editform.tpl: add if block for description column for easier customization. Use smarty html_options instead of select_options(). Remove advice about using SetEnv for database password. Include_once(config.local.php) instead of include()ing it to prevent include. Loops if someone copies to config.local.php encode wide-chars utf8 in mail body, mime-decode original subject. Db_quota_text() for postgresql (concat() vs. ). Change default date for 'created' and 'updated' columns from 0000-00-00. (which causes problems with MySQL strict mode) to 2000-01-01. Allow punicode even in TLDs. Update Smarty to 3.1.29. Add checks to login.php and cli to ensure database layout is up to date. Whitelist '-1' as valid value for postadmin-cli. Don't stripslashes() the password in pacrypt. Various small.
2.9307 Sep 2015 17:45 major feature: Summary of major changes: Add list.php and list.tpl for displaying lists. Based on *Handler struct, which means list view can now be customized with. CONF *_struct_hook functions (columns with display_in_list and non-empty. Label will be displayed) Add CSV export. Replaces list-domain.php, list-admin.php and fetchmail.php (including their. *.tpl files) and the alias and alias domain lists in list-virtual. Improved / more detailed search support by using URL parameters. (list.php?search field =value, optionally also ?searchmode field = - no pretty search form yet, limited to fields the user/admin can access). Only display search input box if search fields are specified in *handler. (that effectively means no search box for admin, domain and fetchmail listings). Can also be used for users (non-admins). Add FetchmailHandler (replaces fetchmail.php and its template), which also. Means postadmin-cli can configure fetchmail jobs now Add CONF 'fetchmail_struct_hook' . Remove unused CONF 'users_domain_controle' . PFAHandler: New field types: Enma - associative array (value = displayed value), must be specified in. The "options" column Html - raw HTML, used for mailbox status markers which include HTML tags. B64p - passwords stored as base64, used by FetchmailHandler. Vtxt, vnum - "virtual", read-only text/integer. Quot - formatted quota ("5/10", read-only). Automatically skip quot, vtxt and vnum fields in store(). Add handling of users (non-admins), including permission checks. Add and use this- label_field and this- label for nicer messages. Add this- order_by to allow ordering by any field(s). Add getMsg() function. Add msg 'can_create' . Add is_superadmin to make admin vs. superadmin easier to handle. Add can_edit and can_delete (only available in edit/delete mode, set by. Init() based on the '_can_edit' and '_can_delete' from database query) Add searchfields (list of fields to search by default, search _ ). Add this- msg 'show
2.9230 Oct 2014 16:05 minor feature: AliasHandler: don't clean goto field when making alias inactive. list-virtual: display quota even if CONF used_quotas == NO. fix postgresql queries in Fix query in AliasHandler getList() which caused an empty list and breaks. Deletion of aliases in MariaDB. fix ssl extra options (cert check, cert path, fingerprint). Fix logging (run setup.php to fix old log entries). fetchmail.php: change error_reporting() to exclude E_NOTICE. Translation updates: FR, NL. CONF default_aliases can now use the new domain as alias target. Check that vacation start/end date are not in the past. Update vacation INSTALL.TXT with more secure locations. Update Smarty to 3.1.21