Prebackup 1.1.1

Prebackup is not a backup program, but a tool you use before your actual backup, to better organize your directories and set what will and will not end up in your backup. Usually when you backup your home or a portion of it, many files are included that don't need a backup, especially large files like videos, ISO installation images, installed games, etc. Prebackup lets you fine-tune the list of directories and exclusions in several ways: - Scan a "snapshot" of the directories you want to backup, with information on the size of each directory and subdirectory - Set directories to be excluded and rescan a new snapshot - Save a snapshot for future reference - Compare the current snapshot with a previously saved one, to check if and where abnormal increases in size have been introduced since the last backup, and possibly exclude new directories - Generate output files to be used by your backup program, like a list of excluded directories

Tags backup qt
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

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