Pukcab 1.4

Pukcab is a lightweight, single-binary backup system that stores de-duplicated, compressed and incremental backups on a remote server using just an SSH connection.

Tags backup go console darwin posix linux web ssh
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

1.415 Apr 2015 22:49 minor feature: New features and bug fixes * documentation updates * front-end improvements * back-end improvements * web UI improvements * official OS X support * bugfixes
1.3.5227 Mar 2015 23:36 minor feature: New features and bug fixes * code clean-up * performance improvements * history command * better automated retention schedules for systems rarely backed-up
1.313 Mar 2015 07:36 major feature: New features and bug fixes * embedded web server * code clean-up * error handling improvement
1.223 Feb 2015 23:18 minor feature: Minor feature and bug fixes * speed and size improvements * catalog optimization
1.118 Feb 2015 13:38 minor feature: * robustness improvements * better handling of "weird" file names (esp. Icon M files on Mac)
1.0.113 Feb 2015 00:46 minor bugfix: Fix one issue where `tar` could get confused and cause incorrect file ownership when restoring individual files.
1.010 Feb 2015 20:25 major feature: Initial release.