Qalculate! 4.8.1

Qalculate! is an arbitrary precision cross-platform software calculator.[9] It supports complex mathematical operations and concepts such as derivation, integration, data plotting, and unit conversion.

Tags calculator programming software
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

4.8.130 Sep 2023 21:39 minor feature: Fix besselj() and bessely() Fix display of matrices and vectors with complex number form other than rectangular (default) Fix conflict between decibel units (e.g. "0dB") and duodecimal 0d syntax (now requires at least two digits) Fixes for title options in plot() function Add additional buttons and button menus to general keypad (Qt) Add option to show all functions, units, and variables in tool button menus (Qt) Add recently used objects to functions, units, and variables menus (Qt) Add option to bypass dialog for functions in menu (Qt) Add option, in context menu, to display text for tool buttons (Qt) Open functions, units, and variables tool button menus using long-press or right-click (in addition to arrow button), and add keyboard shortcuts (Qt) Use keypad tool button menu as context menu and show keypad type in title bar of keypad (Qt) Auto-update number bases above programming keypad when entering simple integers, even if calculate-as-you-type is deactivated (GTK)