ReCsvEditor 0.98.5

Cross platform Csv editor. It supports a large variety of Field-Delimiter & quote chacters. As well Csv files, The following formats can be viewed/updated: Xml, Fixed Width, Gnu-GetText-Po and SwingX-Tip files.

Tags csv editor java
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

0.98.517 Nov 2017 10:20 major feature: Changes include a new Xml compare and Xml directory compare functions. Fixes for Code-Generation and fixes to open using Schema.
0.98.206 Mar 2017 04:15 major feature: Changes include: Options to to define the default Csv Field Separators, and default Csv Quotes. An option to set the Column Colors / Background Colors in Text view. The Fixed Width edit option has been rewritten and a Schema edit option added. An option to Generate basic Java (JRecord) / Python code. Finally extra scripting options added.
0.9720 Jan 2015 03:38 major feature: Updateddefault Csv parser (to bring it closer to standard), New "Recent Pane" (optional) on file selection screens, problem fixes
0.96e23 Sep 2014 23:59 major feature: Changes to Key assignment. Ctrl-C and Ctrl-C are now cell copy / cell paste etc. Record-Copy, Record-Cut, Record-Paste, Record-Insert and Record-Delete. are now Alt-C, Alt-X, Alt-V, Alt-Insert and Alt-Delete. New Highlighted Text view where fields are highlighted New Script Build function. Also there is a more detailed explanation here. Large number of improvements for Big files including including improved Filtering, Finding, copy/pasting Can view / update GetText-PO and SwingX-Tip files Major changes to Installers - Better Windows UAC handling, can install in Windows"User" account, Better handling of multiple user's on PC. Can specify Character-set on Csv and Fixed width export screens. New Csv compare function (Utilities Compare menu). Added file character-set detection for Ebcdic files Screen layout changes for new Wide screens.