RemoteBox 2.0

RemoteBox is a client for administring guest VMs on a VirtualBox server. It provides a complete GTK interface similar to VirtualBox itself, and allows direct interaction (RDP) with the running system from a remote "client" machine. All system / virtualization properties can be influenced, devices edited, networking setup changed, and VM snapshots be made.

Tags perl gtk virtualization remote virtualbox client rdp
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

2.012 Jul 2015 07:25 minor feature: RemoteBox now requires VirtualBox 5.0.x, Added guest support for USB 3.0. Added OS icons for Windows 10, OS/2 1.x, Yosemite, El Capitan, Added command line options for automatic login. See manual. Added option to set the virtual VGA card of a guest to either VirtualBox VGA or VMware SVGA-II, Allow snapshots to be taken while the guest is paused, Added support for adding USB storage controller to a guest, Added support for adding transient shared folders, Added support for setting IPv6 Port Forwarding rules on NAT networks, Added option to convert disk images to VDI when importing an appliance, Changed the way guest details are displayed and added an option to show extended (slower) or reduced (faster) guest details, Added support for selecting built-in presets for the RDP clients. These are currently FreeRDP (New Syntax), FreeRDP (Old Syntax), Rdesktop, Windows Remote Desktop Client, Added support for selecting the paravirtualization interface for a guest, Added keyboard toolbutton for quick access to common keyboard sequences. The full keyboard menu is still available, Fixed a problem with trailing slashes in a URL preventing the remote display to a guest from opening. Fixed a problem with UTF8 strings affecting the listing of storage attached to controllers, Fixed an issue where 'Stuck' guests couldn't be stopped from the GUI. Various GUI tweaks.
1.927 Oct 2014 22:45 major feature: Combined guest logs onto a single tabbed window. Added fix to show documentation when running on Windows. Added Memory Bar to show memory usage on the server. Added support for importing OVF/OVA appliances. Added support for exporting a VM as an OVF/OVA appliance. Added support for setting IPv4 Port Forwarding rules on NAT networks. Improvements made to error handling on most dialogs. Various GUI tweaks.