Rodent applications (Xffm)

Rodent is a continuation of Xffm, the original XFce file manager. It also includes several previous XFCE apps like icontheme, diff viewer, file previews, a search tool and samba browser, an application menu, userspace filesystems, process manager, a system package manger, and file shredding. Rodent filemanager is still optimized for speediness and a small footprint, runs on BSD/Linux systems. It's intended to be convenient to power users.

Tags c desktop file-manager desktop-shell package-manger xfce
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases Nov 2014 03:16 minor feature: font blockquote This release fixes the "posible" memory leak which I was hunting down. It was due to an out of place g_object_ref call on some pixbufs. Memory consumption should now remain low. Compilation tested and running on gtk+-3.14.5. blockquote font color=#aa0000 Saturday November 08, 2014 p Nov 2014 14:25 major bugfix: This release fixes several important memory leaks. Now all definite memory leaks are due to upstream libraries (mainly Pango). Compilation tested and running on gtk+-3.14.4.
5.3.1203 Oct 2014 23:26 major bugfix: Gtk+-3.12 is now rid of the popup and tooltip mapping bug which affected certain fvwm configurations and is now considered the gtk version of choice for Rodent Applications. Current supported package applications include pkg (FreeBSD), zypper (OpenSUSE), yum (CentOS) and emerge (Gentoo).