rpmerizor 2.10

pmerizor is a script that allows you to create an RPM package from installed files. You simply have to specify files on the command line and answering a few interactive questions to fill rpm meta-data (package name, version ...). You can also use it in batch mode with command line options for meta-data.

Tags packaging
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

2.1009 Aug 2016 11:18 minor feature: - change global variable name opt to Opt - rename parse_otions sub into parse_options - add info subroutine - add warning subroutine - allow edit_spec and spec_only options - optionnal rc file (rpmerizorc) - toggle options to allow overload rc file config
2.818 Mar 2016 13:31 minor feature: change shebang to use /usr/bin/env