sievemgr 0.8.1

sievemgr is a command-line client for managing Sieve scripts on remote servers via the ManageSieve Protocol (RFC 5804). Given valid credentials, sievemgr can be invoked non-interactively in order to retrieve a list of all scripts, retrieve the scripts themselves, publish scripts on the a server, or delete them. Furthermore, it can be used to change the active script and to display information about the server.

Tags email-filter go console linux unix macos end-users
License MITL
State initial

Recent Releases

0.8.104 Feb 2021 03:15 minor feature: SRV record lookup. Show SASL mechanisms from before authentication in info output. Add configuration example to the documentation. headline
0.8.029 Jan 2021 10:07 minor feature: Put generated documentation under version control. Update dependencies. Switch to module. Add man subcommand to display the user manual. Add documentation. Add edit subcommand for interactive editing of a script. Add rename subcommand for renaming scripts on the server. Add checkspace subcommand for querying the server for sufficient space. Introduce configuration file where account information is specified. Add check subcommand for checking the script validity. Show warning messages in put output. Show server implementation in info output. Add README file. Initial revision.