Simple Machines Forum 2.0.8

SMF is a bulletin board for online discussion sites. It provides the common unthreaded post views, board categories, user accounts and avatars, and a management interface. It's extensible through themes, plugins and/or "mods" (lo-fi diffs). SMF2 uses a custom parameterized SQL interface and supports MySQL, Postgres and SQLite.

Tags php web bulletin-board
License BSDL
State stable

Recent Releases

2.0.812 Jul 2014 18:35 minor bugfix: This patch focuses on fixing a few memory issues caused by some of the changes in 2.0.7, as well as fixing a crucial bug which caused the boards to appear in a seemingly random order for forums running on MySQL version 5.6 and above. It also fixes a rare bug that could cause a database error when invalid data is passed to the memberlist search form. Users experiencing white pages and similar issues caused by excessive memory usage by their forums should experience an improvement. As was the case with 2.0.7, this is a bug fix release, not a security release, however we urge you to update to 2.0.8 as soon as possible because of the performance benefits.