snd 24.5

Snd is a sound editor modelled loosely after Emacs. It can be customized and extended using either s7 (included in the Snd sources), Ruby, or Forth.

Tags sound-synthesis sound-editor audio music scheme c ruby
License Public Domain
State mature

Recent Releases

24.530 Jun 2024 01:25 minor feature: in s7, added (settable) symbol-initial-value (the #_... value). Changed invalid-escape-function to invalid-exit-function New *s7 fields: symbol-quote?, symbol-printer, and make-function Added function-arglist in sublet, varlet and s7_load_with_environment, () is no longer an abbreviation for (rootlet). Checked: sbcl 2.4.5.
24.315 Apr 2024 19:25 minor feature: s7: format now always returns a string (where it used to return #f it now returns "") sam.c: bugfixes and improvements thanks to David Jaffe checked: sbcl 2.4.3 Thanks!: Michael Edwards, Norman Gray, David Jaffe
24.211 Mar 2024 20:26 minor feature: mostly work on optimizations in s7
20.001 Jan 2020 14:08 minor feature: