Sommelier 7.4

A downloader/installer for apps/games/doom-wads that run under wine, dosbox, scummvm, the fuse spectrum emulator, crispy-doom or chocolate-doom, mednafen, citra and other emulators. Also can games from that can be run under wine/dosbox/scummvm/native (gog installers must be manually downloaded). Comes with a list of apps. Checks sha256 of downloads, downloads dependancies, makes registry changes for running/installing, etc.

Tags wine downloader installer
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

7.426 Jan 2021 09:57 minor feature: Allow installing apps under names other than the configured one.
5.025 May 2020 02:10 major feature: .desktop files are now compatible with kde, xfce, moksha and MATE desktop environments. Autodetects 32-bit or 64-bit linux and installs appropriate apps.
4.721 May 2020 09:04 minor feature: Added a small number of native apps available on the internet.
4.407 May 2020 06:25 minor feature: Initial work on adding zx-spectrum software via fuse emulator . Added zxspectrum apps from using fuse emulator. added sup .
4.210 Apr 2020 03:15 minor feature: Added 'download' command. Added app to list of wine apps. Ad . Added msdos based games from . improve documentation. . Add working dir to.desktop files for wine apps. Inform user of certi . . Tidyup output during install. Update wine.apps config file.
3.129 Mar 2019 11:08 minor feature: Support for defining os-version (version of windows for wine to emulate) and virtual desktop resolution for an installable app in the sommelier.apps config-file.
3.024 Feb 2019 17:06 major bugfix: Stopped wine asking to install .net and gecko for every app. Fixed 'no download progress bar' for large downloads. Updated versions of Telegram and PaleMoon. Fixed issue with SegaSwirl reinstalling every run. Added new apps: mp3DirectCut, OpenFX and SmartGo.
1.106 Oct 2018 20:55 major bugfix: Fix for crash that happens when run for the first time.
1.006 Oct 2018 17:44 major feature: Initial release