SpaceFM 1.0.5

SpaceFM is a fork of PCManFM, a multi-panel tabbed file and desktop manager. It provides broad support for virtual filesystems, mounting and device management. It's customizable and can integrate with external tools or helper scripts. Its primary development goal is to keep it lightweight nonetheless.

Tags c gtk file-manager udev inotify
License GNU GPLv3
State mature

Recent Releases

1.0.521 Jan 2016 13:05 minor feature: Recreate too small cached thumbnails #584 Read XDG_TEMPLATES_DIR via glib for user-dirs.dirs support #581 Devices Settings Auto-Mount Mount Dirs accept XDG vars, mkdir #558 Paste in dir tree pastes to wrong dir #596. Menu key in dir tree changes dir and acts on correct dir #596 desktop show video thumbnails on desktop Prefs add 384x384 icon size option. Obey StartupNotify when opening with desktop app set G_LOG_DOMAIN Main.c de_gdk_threads_leave Change detection blacklist detect new files #478 #582 Get mime type of only reg and link files, not char dev Segfault in ptk_bookmark_view_reload_list to vfs_load_icon Prevent filesystem find loop hang in new file/folder dialog #601 Crash on GTK icon theme reload; liststore memory leaks #566 Udevil iso unmount device handler new whitelist/blacklist #606 Broken key shortcuts in Open In Panel menu #610 Add lxqt-sudo and lxsu to list of su frontends #617 Add support for qterminal in list of terminals Make Paste As Target paste canonicalized final target when possible
1.0.419 Oct 2015 05:45 minor feature: New spacefm-installer replaces self-extrct and install #571 README rewritten and manual updated for new installer #571. Ifdef malloc_trim for non GlibC libraries #574 HAL build #576; older GTK2 build Menu and Shift+F10 show side pane menus #575 Design Menu shown with Menu key in addition to F2 #575. Dir tree allow keyboard navigation, keep focus #541 #575 Dir tree double-click expands/collapses row #542 #575 Dir tree context menu New Tab Here opens selected dir Correct location for import GTK3 bookmarks; use basename #573 Dont continuously refresh copying video thumbnails #508 New in /etc/spacefm/spacefm.conf: terminal_su and graphical_su #516 Build system now installs /etc/spacefm/spacefm.conf New configure option --sysconfdir=/etc to set location of /etc Add new event for tab change dir evt_tab_chdir; update manual Replace show-menu socket method with activate for all item types Dialog add non-visible element --click to run cmd on click #572. Dialog some internal var names always set to v #572. Increase max icon/thumbnail size from 256x256 to 512x512 Debian control libffmpegthumbnailer4 libffmpegthumbnailer4v5 #583. GTK3 wrong colors with dark variant of GTK themes #578.
1.0.328 Aug 2015 00:05 minor bugfix: Add Devices Settings Auto-Mount Mount Dirs option #548 Proto hand keep a for lxterminal urxvtc konsole gnome-terminal #552 Convert non-latin keycodes to latin #57 Lang add ltg; update it lt pt_BR define G_DISABLE_ASSERT to disable g_assert Rename gphoto handler as ptp; whitelist ptp #555 GTK3 add icon chooser dialog #532 Double-click in icon chooser clicks OK. GTK 3.14 Prevent empty rubberband selection GTK3.14 avoid #485 Provide export and import of handler plugin files; update manual #484. Create O archive in user-selected destination #562 LilyTerm not working correctly eg unzipping file #567. Update spacefm.desktop for protocol handling
1.0.204 Jun 2015 03:25 minor bugfix: Toolbar redesign with design mode right-click ability. Add built-in toolbar items: Show Hidden, Show Thumbnails, Large Icons Fix Compact view sometimes fails to scroll to selected file. malloc_trim calls to flush out the free heap back to the OS when needed. Fix forgets compress handler after extract to #517. no re-import bookmarks when up-down-upgrade from 1.0.1. Missing pixbuf unref in main_task_view_update_task. Add keyboard shortcut for handler list in handler dialogs. Fix ftp handler ignores custom port in URL. Add Run As Task option to file handlers. Allow escape of underscore in item names. Fix Item Prop context opposite of Disable is Show instead of Enable. Get mime type icon from.local XML file before guess. Fix right-click on Bookmarks activates bookmark after menu. Fix right-click detailed view clears multiple-file selection. Add icon chooser GTK2 only, GTK3 pending . Add panel View context menu to main View menu. Add View Style Thumbnails (global), Add show_thumbnails socket property. Fix missing paths on command line hangs introduced in f167b283. Fix hang on access error on startup #539 introduced in f167b28. Fix icon/compact view left-click doesn't unselect other files. Write/read new mimeapps.list Default Applications. Archive handlers take precedence over file handlers. Scale menu item icons loaded from file. Force rebuild of folder_view for font change in exo_icon_view. Always reap async child with or without exec_keep_tmp. Default scroll desktop fix openbox. Always update status bar Reading msg. Item prop dlg text view scroll add shadow. desktop fix linefeeds in desktop item names.
1.0.105 May 2015 07:05 minor feature: extended bookmarks system added users manual Bookmarks section fix --enable-hal build errors fix segfault in vfs_thumbnail_loader_free on abort thumbnail loading _vfs_thumbnail_load unref after gdk_pixbuf_apply_embedded_orientation MIME Menu prompt before creating files Open menu archive functions move to top if default rewrite ptk_file_browser_refresh; reselect cursor after refresh status bar shows Reading msg while dir loading new protocol handler http/webdav to top of list Bookmarks New Bookmark default key shortcut Ctrl+D.
1.0.014 Apr 2015 19:45 major feature: Version 1.0.0 comes with a new configuration window for creating and changing handlers for devices, protocols, archive files, and regular files. Thumbnails of video files are now created by ffmpegthumbnailer. New wallpaper mode 'Transparent' sets the desktop background transparent. Preferences now support small and large icon sizes up to 256x256 (with a 48x48 limit applied in side panes). Devices (eg /dev/sdd1) and URLs may now be passed to SpaceFM on the command line and entered in the path bar. New mount and unmount socket task types allow scripts to mount and unmount devices and protocols via SpaceFM's configured handlers. Translations have been updated for: cs de ja pl pt_BR ru sv tr. When using GTK2, the next file in the list is now selected after a file is renamed or deleted. (This is default behavior for GTK3.) Several minor GUI issues have been corrected.