Spawner Data Generator 0.2.4

Spawner can fill up database tables with sample data for testing. It either outputs CSV text values, or generates SQL INSERT statements, according to optionally configured data and field types (numeric, textual, names, address parts, varied-size text / enums / binary data). It can also connect to MySQL 5.x servers for insertions.

Tags fpc lazarus sql data-generator mysql csv testing developers
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

0.2.426 Jul 2016 14:05 minor bugfix: in sequence duplication where numbers were being chosen more times than the duplication amount specified. Implement repetition in sequences.
0.2.303 Dec 2014 13:05 minor feature: add custom data correlation for set fields sets can either be strings or treated as numerical data fixed bug that prevents records from being generated the first time after the modifying the schema and then spawning
0.2.211 Nov 2014 20:05 minor feature: Add ability for use to choose a delimiter for column names if they opt to include the column list in INSERT statements. Add the ability to choose beween dash-delimited or non-dashed GUIDs, since some DBMSs require dashes.