spectmorph 1.0.0-beta1

SpectMorph is a free software project which allows to analyze samples of musical instruments, and to combine them (morphing). It can be used to construct hybrid sounds, for instance a sound between a trumpet and a flute; or smooth transitions, for instance a sound that starts as a trumpet and then gradually changes to a flute.

Tags sound-synthesis midi analysis audio clap lv2 vst anklang
License GNU LGPL
State beta

Recent Releases

1.0.0-beta127 Jun 2024 10:40 major feature: Two formant preserving algorithms for repitching vocals were added for the WavSource operator. A new KeyTrack operator was added to be able to combine multiple instruments by midi note range. Arbitrary user defined curves can be used in a new Envelope operator, and user defined curves are now also supported in the LFO operator.
0.6.102 Nov 2023 14:05 minor feature: There were some usability improvements in the instrument editor. The volume of individual samples that are part of an instrument can now be normalized manually. User defined instruments are now organized in banks. Seven new standard instruments were added. A few UI problems on macOS were fixed. Also the code was refactored to be hard RT capable.
0.6.019 May 2023 10:09 major feature: SpectMorph now provides a CLAP Plugin which supports per-voice modulation. A new, more flexible modulation system was added and visual feedback for the modulation is now displayed. A filter with different filter modes is now available. For macOS, there are now signed .pkg installers (Intel and ARM). LV2 is now supported for all platforms. Many smaller improvements and fixes are also included in this release.
0.5.224 Sep 2020 19:44 minor feature: The LFO now supports for beat/bpm synchronization. WavSource (user defined instruments) supports explicit control of the playback position. New Sven Ah/Ih/Oh instruments (another male human voice) are now available. The storage locations for program and user defined instruments were moved to XDG directories. The JACK client now can be controlled using CC midi messages. The release also contains bug fixes and cleanups.
0.5.113 Feb 2020 12:12 minor feature: New waveforms for the LFO are now available (saw, square, random). In addition to Ubuntu and Arch Linux packages, we now provide generic 64-bit linux binaries, which means for most linux systems, you no longer need to build from source. The release also contains bug fixes and cleanups.
0.5.022 Jul 2019 14:06 major feature: A new graphical instrument editor was added, which allows users to create morph own instruments from samples. The ADSR envelope now has a graphical editor. The disk/download size of the standard instrument set was reduced. A new "SpectMorph User Manual" is now available. The LV2 plugin now requires the instance access feature. The release also contains some minor fixes and cleanups.
0.4.130 Aug 2018 13:24 major feature: Besides Linux and Windows, SpectMorph now also runs on macOS ( = 10.9). The standard instrument set is now included in source tarballs and Ubuntu packages to simplify installation. We added new instruments based on recordings of Claudia a female opera singer. The release contains a few minor fixes.
0.4.010 Apr 2018 16:43 major feature: The VST plugin is now also available for 64-bit Windows. The plugin UI was redesigned and now uses pugl instead of Qt5 for portability, and many small UI improvements were made. The "French Horn" instrument was added. The tools that can be used to build custom instruments were improved. A new non-linear midi velocity to volume mapping was implemented. LPC/LSF support was removed. Some preparations for supporting macOS in the futere were made.
0.3.429 Sep 2017 16:21 minor feature: An optional ASDR Envelope was added. The LV2/VST plugins now introduce stereo output to allow supporting stereo in the future. The BEAST plugin was removed (the code will be moved to BEAST). Minor improvements and bug fixes.
0.3.320 Jun 2017 14:44 minor feature: Portamento support was added. In hosts that support MPE (Bitwig), the pitch of each note can be adjusted individually. A portamento/mono mode was added and works on any host. Vibrato is now also supported. Added compilation fixes for g++ 6.3, as well as many interal improvements.
0.3.224 Apr 2017 13:57 major feature: A new unison effect is available. Two new instruments, pan-flute and synth-saw were added. Operator folding and a scrollbar were added to the UI to deal with limited screen space. A crash in the VST plugin was fixed, other minor fixes were. Some code refactoring eliminates the BEAST dependency in most cases.
0.3.119 Sep 2016 18:52 major feature: The main change for this release is that plugins for LV2 and VST api were added, allowing integration of SpectMorph sounds into many sequencers/hosts. New instruments were added: bassoon, cello, bass-trombone, reed-organ. Easy to use templates make different morphing plans more accessible. Instruments are now expected to be stored in /.spectmorph directory which eliminates explicit loading in almost any case. Resize MorphPlanWindow automatically if operators are removed. Changed time alignment during morphing: morphed sounds should start at the beginning of the note (no extra latency). Some improvements for building new instruments were made. Various bugfixes.
0.3.021 Jun 2016 12:55 minor feature: File format changes to reduce file size on disk and in memory. Use Qt5 for the GUI, instead of gtkmm. Added Grid Morph operator: allows morphing between more than two sources. Adapted code to work with newer beast (0.10.0) and rapicorn (0.16.0). Improved tests. Various bugfixes. Performance improvements.