Steel 1.1

Password management belongs to the command line. Deep into the Unix heartland, the shell. With Steel your passwords are safe. Steel uses RIJNDAEL encryption in CFB mode with 256 bit keys. Steel is simple, Steel is advanced, Steel is adaptable. Steel is the new prophet of password management

Tags password manager command line password manager
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

1.126 Oct 2015 21:39 major bugfix: 1.1: 2015-10-26 Version 1.1 released. This releases fixes multiple bugs in Steel. It also has some usability changes to make Steel easier to use. *Security: Checking HMAC is now timing safe. *Security: Fixes multiple bugs found by Brian Carpenter, including bugs leading to crash when certain conditions are met. Thanks Brian! *Security: Passphrases are not visible by default in the output. *Adds support for OS X, mostly implemented by Antti Kuosmanen. Thanks Antti! *Search is no longer case sensitive. *Steel can now generate multiple passwords at once. *New entries can be now added interactively. *Error messages should make more sense now. Generally, this release is an important update and everyone should upgrade. Distros should package this version (or any later one).
1.021 Oct 2015 05:47 major feature: 1.0: 2015-10-20 Version 1.0 released. This is a very important security fix release. Everyone must upgrade. Before upgrading make sure you decrypt (open) your existing database. Otherwise you will not be able to open it anymore. This releases fixes a security flaw where encryption key was derived by SHA256 algorithm only. Version 1.0 now uses bcrypt algorithm together with SHA256. This release also uses better seed for generating random passwords. (-g, --gen-pass).
0.918 Oct 2015 15:16 major feature: 0.9: 2015-10-18 Version 0.9 of Steel released. This the initial public stable release of command line password manager Steel. Source is available on Gitlab under the GPL v3 (or later) license.