Stu 1.15.61

A build tool in the spirit of Make, but with two features that set it apart: (1) Parametrized rules: Like GNU Make's '%' character, but there can be multiple parameters, and they have names. The syntax is '$NAME', where NAME can be any string. (2) Dynamic dependencies: The dependencies of a target can be generated dynamically. When a dependency is enclosed in square brackets, it means that that file is built and dependencies are read from within that file.

Tags build make shell
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

1.15.6121 Jun 2016 16:52 major feature: Arguments to Stu outside of options are now parsed in a simplified syntax in which only the characters '!? @ ' retain their special meaning. To pass dependencies in full Stu syntax, the option -C can be used, as in previous versions.