sysklogd 2.1.2

BSD syslog daemon and syslog()/syslogp() replacement API for Linux, provides 100% support for RFC3164 & RFC5424, unlike rsyslogd et al.

License BSDL
State stable

Recent Releases

2.1.222 Mar 2020 08:57 minor bugfix: Windriver found and fixed a race between building lib/*.o files with and without `-fPIC`.
2.1.119 Jan 2020 20:47 minor bugfix: Bug fix release: fixes loss of syslog message to remote sinks at startup, remaining (massive) parallel build issues.
2.105 Jan 2020 14:36 major feature: Relicensed under the 2-clause BSD (from GPL) and removed klogd in favor of native kernel logging support in syslogd.
2.0.301 Dec 2019 20:49 major bugfix: Retry DNS lookup of remote syslog servers forever. Always try to create PID file, even in debug mode. Fix leaking of internal error/warning messages during SIGHUP.
2.0.229 Nov 2019 19:25 minor feature: Add missing remote:port info in error message when failing to send to a remote syslog server. Assert() in fprintlog_successive(), caused by never being reset in fprintlog_first(), found by @westermo. Workaround for systems with vanilla autoconf 2.69 that does not support --runstatedir=PATH, e.g. CRUX
2.0.125 Nov 2019 13:14 minor bugfix: Adds missing -k and -T command line flags to getopt(). Fix heuristic for determining PID file path, using configure defaults. Also, logger tool can now be disabled in build.
2.015 Nov 2019 17:42 major feature: This release represents a major refresh of the sysklogd project. The venerable syslogd gets an infusion of new blood from NetBSD and FreeBSD to fully support RFC3164 and RFC5424. Also included is a user library and a replacement for syslog.h to enable new features in RFC5424.