tarmux 1.0.4

Tarmux attempts to solve the problem of handling streamed data where there is insufficient temporary space on disk to hold the data, as is forced by tar. In the simplest invocation, tarmux takes a stream from stdin, and creates a tar file consisting of sequential numbered file fragments one after the other. This can be reversed by the tardemux tool, which will untar the fragments and reassemble the stream to stdout. The tardemux tool only reads a single tar stream before exiting. This allows multiple streams to be concatenated in the same stream, and then split out by each invocation of tardemux.

Tags system-administrators c utilities shell
License Apache
State stable

Recent Releases

1.0.401 Nov 2021 11:47 minor feature: *) Make help2man optional if manpages are already generated. *) Update ubuntu packaging support.