tnftp 20230507

tnftp (formerly lukemftp) is the NetBSD FTP client ported to other Unix-like operating systems. Features include: command-line editing, context sensitive command and filename (including server-side) completion, IPv6 support, command-line fetching of ftp, http, and https URLs, dynamic progress bars, and transfer-rate throttling.

Tags ftp
License BSDL-2
State mature

Recent Releases

2023050707 May 2023 18:46 minor feature: Add timeout for SSL connection setup, defaulting to 60 seconds.
2023040909 Apr 2023 07:28 minor feature: Validate SSL certificates by default, disabled with FTPSSLNOVERIFY=1 in the environment, or option sslnoverify. Add netrc processing to fetch-mode (URL on command line) to enable options and autologin via netrc. Handle relative URLs in fetch.
2021082727 Aug 2021 03:02 security: Validate address in server's PASV and LPSV responses. Previously a hostile server could cause ftp to open a data connection elsewhere. Avoid intermittent crashes by fixing signal handler restoration. Fix intermittent failures in -q QUITTIME by not using restartable signals. Set SO_KEEPALIVE on control connection to attempt to avoid timeouts. Update to NetBSD-ftp 20210826. Improve configure tests. Improve manual page. Display usage to stdout with -?.
2020070505 Jul 2020 12:11 major bugfix: Avoid crashes during remote server disconnection. Use original filename for http fetch, not the redirect name. Use "anonymous" for anonftp username, not local user name. Support CONNECT for https proxy. Only issue PWD to server when required, not speculatively. Use system libedit and glob() if available and functional.