vi like emacs 9.8q

vile is a text editor which is extremely compatible with vi. It has extended capabilities in many areas, including multi-file editing and viewing, mouse support, infinite undo, additional operators, and rectangular operations. Vile has an optional Perl interface for UNIX and NT. It can also be built as "xvile", which is fully X-aware, or "winvile" for Win32, with scrollbars, menus, etc.

Tags c text editors
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

9.8q07 Sep 2015 21:42 minor feature: Provide a way to ensure that new files created on Windows can automatically use Unix line-endings. Support name-completion for paste-registers, helping users see which ones have content. There are also several minor bug-fixes, as well as portability- and configurability-improvments.
9.8p02 Feb 2015 00:22 minor feature: Improved parsing and keywords for several syntax filters (yacc, c, ant, mvn, tcl). Portability improvements for OSX, Cygwin. A few bug-fixes.