watchdogd 3.0-beta1

watchdogd(8) is an advanced system and process supervisor daemon. It can monitor critical system resources, supervise the heartbeat of processes, record deadline transgressions, and reset the system.

Tags system supervision watchdog
License ISC
State stable

Recent Releases

3.0-beta113 Apr 2017 03:15 minor feature: Update README with simple API example. Make it possible to run automatic tests as non-root. Add automatic testing of PMON API to Travis. Add Coverity Scan. Silence GNU ar output, has suddenly started warning about ar crus. Only write() to watchdog if descriptor is valid, annoying with watchdog not being properly disabled with wdt_enable(). in wdt_enable() which could possible deref. NULL pointer. Only change enabled state in wdt_enable() if operation is succesful.
2.0.109 Apr 2017 17:32 minor bugfix: