webminstats 2.21

Webminstats is a Webmin module designed to store system information in an rrdtool database and to display historic (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and custom) graphs. It is modular in design, so as to be able to log everything from CPU usage to email box size.

Tags monitoring
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

2.2119 Sep 2022 10:26 minor bugfix: in this release : - use new refresh api in display* code; works with webmin = 1.998 - firewall module can work with nftables - firewall,fail2ban modules can work on journalctl logs - add new batch_init.pl command to adapt module's config - change gpg key to F80D3B85029F2DACC6A8469A364644463D1079A1 consult Tech-notes file for more detailed informations
2.2010 Jan 2021 09:42 minor bugfix: The 2.20 release is a fix to work with webmin 1.970
2.1904 Sep 2020 14:28 minor bugfix: bugfix: * (action) fix bug on action_first_free_key * (network) fix bad icon names (thanks Robert W. Yarbrough ) * fix bad lang display index.cgi improvement : * (action) remove encoded full path for action tools, now search in PATH * (action) test if action code exists on execute * (dns) add /var/named/chroot/var/log/query.log in guess list * (ping) add timeout in module config internal : * default translation is now utf-8 (according with webmin Version 1.953) * help page also only in utf-8 incompatibilities : * translations are now in utf8 and will work with webmin = 1.953
2.1813 May 2018 10:23 minor feature: this release fix problems with authentic theme and some other bugs.
2.1615 Jul 2017 07:12 minor feature: this release fixes a really nasty bug : in some cases, module aquisistion was not working, without any warning info.
2.1409 Aug 2016 11:10 minor feature: for bsd users : after webminstats install, you have to run the following command sh /usr/local/lib/webmin/sysstats/shebang.sh to fix the perl path bugfix : * fix icon size in panorama (in authentic theme) new features : * (actions) display current action if exists (config.cgi,edit_module.cgi) * (actions) display action status in display/display_custom * (bsd) fix perl shebang for bsd improvement : * (mysql) more secure way to send password using .my.cnf * (log.cgi) only display last log lines * (log.cgi) add button to force display all log file * (actions) only log if action is done * (actions) test if pre-req tools are available * log alarm/action recovery internal : * (actions) remove duplicated list in code incompatibilities : * (actions) action_freq now stands for all action (not only mailto) * (mailq) do not warn about mailq command (ssmtp)
2.1318 Sep 2015 09:25 minor feature: - work on action feature - add utf-8 translation - better hu translation (thanks Janos)
2.1115 Apr 2015 20:03 minor feature: the main change is big rewrite to allow compatibility with themes (tested with authentic theme) bugfix : fix bug with install on webmin = 1.73 fix bug on action operator =, add new operators = and