WebNomad 1.0

WebNomad is a set of shell scripts to generate websites and image galleries fit for desktop as well mobile and tablet browsing. It can be operated on any device running ZShell, has live preview on save, themes are based on Bootstrap CSS, pages can be written in Markdown syntax interlaced into HTML, it uses JQuery and BlueImp to make slideshows, can render browsable filesystem trees, edit all EXIF metadata information on published images.

Tags web design webdesign
License Affero GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

1.023 Jul 2017 10:33 cleanup: Various fixes to meta handling, new maildir rendering, js inclusion and markdown rendering. Final release of webnomad v1 (no more features planned, only maintainance).
0.531 Mar 2017 14:47 minor feature: Minor fixes to rendering and support for php files.
0.412 Oct 2015 17:06 major feature: Live preview function, rendering locally and refreshing the browser on save (for Linux only). EXIF functions for jpeg images: optional cleanup of metadata (location, camera model, time), auto rotate and addition of a comment field. Social network SEO: opengraph and new image tags. The backend is now using zuper extended library of zfunctions.