XLaunch 20161101

By window managers and by desktop environments is irritation solicited? Is a gigabyte sized graphical user interface software tool kit an unreasonable requirement? Then xlaunch can cure those blues. First a grab key or key combination is pressed. Next a launch key or key combination is pressed. Then a program launches. An example follows. By the home as an activation key a web browser, such as firefox, can be launched. That makes sense since a home page is displayed. Upon xlaunch start any number of programs can be launched with their windows sized and positioned. Menus, window decoration, hours of compilation, and near gigabytes of memory consumption are not provided. Both to compile and to launch xlaunch mere second fragments are required. To download the source tarball less than 0.1 megabytes are required.

Tags c x11 end-users posix
License Other
State mature

Recent Releases

2016110101 Nov 2016 17:18 documentation: After a year of field testing this is xlaunch's initial source tree sharing.