X.org 1.17.0

The X.org server is an open source implementation of the networked X11 Window System. It's the current base of most graphical user interfaces on BSD and Linux systems. Its modular architecture allows running on many different hardware types and settings.

Tags x11 c server windowing-system
License MITL
State stable

Recent Releases

1.17.005 Feb 2015 01:25 minor feature: Integration of the xf86-video-modesetting DDX driver. Better GLAMOR support. DIR2: Set vdpau driver name if ddx does not provide any driver name. RANDR: attempt to fix primary on slave output (v2). config/udev: Respect seat assignments when assigned devices. Update to version 1.17.0, bump ABI version. OS: Fix timer race conditions.
1.16.017 Jul 2014 16:29 major feature: This releease integrates Glamor, the GL-based X acceleration subsystem which offers reasonable performance and avoids software rendering fallbacks most of the time. It also ships with XWayland, which is a X server integrated into a Wayland window system (that in turn uses Glamor for rendering). Systemd integration improves launching, management and improves boot performance and a bit reliability. Thousands of compiler warnings were eliminated. Glamor also works for Xephyr, the X-on-X implementation supposed to become the primary development target for the 2D acceleration subsystem. Better Non-PCI device support for unenumerated graphics devices for seamless autoconfiguration.
1.15.227 Jun 2014 19:56 minor bugfix: Fixes in the XQuartz module, Fix origin of source picture in fbGlyphs, documentation about the DontZap option was adapted, overflows in checking extension versions were corrected, and in Xi: block SIGIOs while copying device classes around.