xplugd 1.4

The lovechild of Stefan Bolte's srandrd and Andrew Shadura's inputplug

Tags x x11
License MITL
State stable

Recent Releases

1.409 Jul 2020 14:25 minor feature: Support for EDID matching, i.e. monitor description information, by @magnusmalm. Support for querying currently attache monitors for EDID info using xplugd -p, by @magnusmalm. Support XDG Base Directory, xplugd now first looks for xplugrc in /.config/xplugrc, with compat fallback to /.xplugrc. Initial patch by @plt-hokusai. Debian package support, use make package to build, or use the pre-built x86_64 package from https://deb.troglobit.com. Support building on older musl libc based systems that do not yet support GLOB_TILDE. Used when looking for xplugrc file.
1.312 Feb 2018 20:02 major feature: Added support for monitor EDID strings.