Xvi 2.50

Xvi is a portable multi-window version of the UNIX editor ‘vi’, derived from "STEVIE" in the 1980s.

Tags programming tools text editor
License Other
State stable

Recent Releases

2.5030 Apr 2017 22:39 major bugfix: Release Notes for xvi 2.50 ========================== Martin Guy , 30 April 2017. xvi-2.50 is the result of a four-month bug-fixing marathon. It now: - Implements - the U and = commands - the + , + -n and +-n flags, to open a file near its end - the -R flag to open files readonly - the -c "command" flag, which may be given several times - ignores the -w n flag for POSIX compliance - the "autowrite", "beautify", "scroll", "showmode", "terse" and "writeany" parameters - Appending to yank buffers when they are named in upper case - Control-@ in insert mode, to reinsert the last inserted text - on the LHS and RHS of a substitution, giving the last replacement text and is now able to run the "Towers of Hanoi" problem-solving macros - Removes some undocumented features: - The :command line: - Is no longer limited to 78 characters in length - Has a simple line-editing capabilities using the left and right arrow keys, home, end and W to delete the previous word, U to clear the line - Does filename completion with the Tab key instead of the Esc key and this is now only performed for commands which expect a filename - Fixes all known screen-updating bugs - Improves the correctness and POSIX-compliance of many commands - The handling of keyboard interrupts (Control-C) has been improved - If it runs out of memory, it is not known to crash any more, though it may still not be able to write the file out. - Has its own unique test suite, able to match against screen contents. - Compiles to just under 100KB of code (Unix/termcap port, clang -Os for i386) Its source code can be obtained from http://sf.net/p/xvi and its web site is at http://martinwguy.github.io/xvi