A software synthesizer for Linux, originally forked from ZynAddSubFX (Copyright 2002-2009 Nasca Octavian Paul) in 2009 by Alan Calvert. Initially, Yoshimi delivered the same synthesizer capabilities. After early improvement of Jack and Alsa midi/audio performance, now many new features have been added, and we are concentrating on accessibility.

Tags audio synthesizer
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases Sep 2019 03:15 minor feature: Merged in for BSD . spelling error: "modifer" - "modifier". . . . A corrupted config file no longer aborts. . CLI can now set instrument type. . : Loading files failed with mxml V 3.1. . Set version as
1.6.007 Sep 2019 06:31 major feature: V1.6.0 Yoshimi is now 10 years old and (while fully respecting its origins) is forging it's own path into the future. Do come along for the ride. Our headline feature is extensions to AddSynth voices and modulators. There is a new AddSynth noise type. There are extra mute options. There is a global bank search entry in the main window's instrument menu, and a button in the instrument bank window. Also in the main window there is a button to temporarily disable an individual system effect. In the part editor window there is now a 'Humanise Velocity' slider. We've made an improvement to the way recent histories are managed. All the above features are, of course, also available to the command line interface. 'Reports' and 'Midi Learn' openers have been swapped. There is a new group of easy to use NRPNs. There have been improvements to Copy/Paste. There is tighter control of startup. Incidentally, whenever we add new features, the default is always to keep the existing behaviour. The Advanced User Manual has been considerably Expanded. Under the hood Ring buffers have now been changed to a bespoke type. Almost all file system operations have been moved to a single source file. As well as running headless, Yoshimi can now be built headless. The command line has additional protection against overlength lines, and corrupted data. More details in /doc/Yoshimi_1.6.0_features.txt