Youtube Downloadhelper 3.0.0

The youtube_dlhelper is a short tool for download and manage the downloaded files. You are running the program inside the command line with a Youtube URL. Then it aska for a group name or interpreters name. Now it creates a Subfolder inside your Musicdirectory. Then it makes a MP3 from the downloaded file and moves it to the folder.

Tags audio ruby
License GNU GPLv3
State initial

Recent Releases

3.0.019 Oct 2017 07:30 cleanup: # YDL#3: Fix travis * Rework of .travis.yml. Specially usage of a static ffmpeg and a chmod of the youtube-dl.rb binary. # YDL#2: Changed place of config file to XDG standard * Added install_config task to Rakefile * Added XDG dependency and changed place of config (lib/import_config.rb) # YDL#1: Added manpage (Changes in Rakefile) * Added Rake task :manpage and :manpage_register. The last one will be executed each time, where :setup runs. * Added a youtube_dlhelper.xml # General code style refactoring # Reworked Downloader Class: * Now it downloads directly a ogg file # Reworked Ripper Class: * It just checks if ogg file are accepted. Just if it is set to false, the program starts ffmpeg to transcode the ogg to mp3. # How to get it? Just use gem install youtube_dlhelper .