yuck 0.2.5

yuck is a command line option parser for C that works on a minimal set of dependencies---only a C compiler and the m4 macro processor are required. It supports all the standard use cases: GNU-style long options (--option), condensable short options (-xab for -x -a -b), and optional arguments to long and short options (--foo[=BAR]), multiple occurrence of options (-vvv). Most importantly, it does not depend on libc's getopt() nor getopt_long().

Tags c software development command line argument parsing parser generator
License BSDL
State stable

Recent Releases

0.2.524 Jun 2019 07:38 minor bugfix: Bugfixes: - check options with mandatory arguments for their arguments - properly heed the --with-included-yuck switch Features: - allow to preserve indentation and newlines from .yuck file - split auto actions into --no-auto-help and --no-auto-version
0.2.421 Nov 2016 09:05 minor bugfix: Bugfixes: - obtain executable path on MacOS, BSDs and Sun correctly - properly handle writing to both stdout and a header file (bug #10) - check if arguments are passed to flag options (bug #9)
0.2.320 May 2016 06:21 minor bugfix: Bugfixes: - obtain executable path on MacOS, BSDs and Sun correctly
0.2.215 Mar 2016 06:30 minor bugfix: Bugfixes: - suppress warnings about shadowed variables in user code - support MacOS X
0.2.110 Sep 2015 09:51 minor feature: Bugfixes: - break once from cases in yuck_free() - warn about cross-compiling issues - better support for out-of-tree builds
0.2.002 Feb 2015 13:05 minor feature: Features: - pkg config dependency has been removed - yuck scmver can now read references from stdin - generate failproof parser code for when *alloc() runs into ENOMEM Bugfixes: - build yuck with version information - git hashes starting with hex digit b are not recognised as bzr - tcc compiler is not chosen automatically
0.1.907 Oct 2014 14:22 minor bugfix: Support compilers that can't cope with the 0bXXX prefix. Build warning-free man pages upon yuck genman.
0.1.826 Aug 2014 07:31 minor feature: Read version numbers like the ones printed by `yuck scmver`. Support custom allocators through `yuck gen --custom=FILE`.