zam-plugins 4.3

A collection of Audio plugins

Tags audio music filter
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

4.313 May 2024 23:25 minor feature: Huge kudos to falktx for completing AU support in DPF!. - New plugin: ZamNoise noise reduction based on Gnome Wave Cleaner, uses Ephriam / Malah noise suppression algorithm from 1984. - Tweak defaults and ranges on ZamEQ2. - Make ZaMaximX2 threshold/gain controls more usable in response to unfa's critique of FOSS limiter plugins.
4.205 Nov 2023 07:25 minor bugfix: ZamTube: Introduced both sides of 12AX7 valve emulation with tonestack sandwiched between the valves. - ZamHeadX2: with wrong array dimensions. - Updated DPF to VST2 param among other improvements.
4.115 Jul 2023 03:42 minor feature: - Install CLAP and VST3 versions - Makefile tweaks - Fix inline processing
3.1320 Jul 2020 01:45 minor feature: Narrowing of double to float math . Dpf: Bump submodule to latest to finite math ABI change in glibc. . Docker-script: Set HAVE_CAIRO and HAVE_JACK appropriately remove l . . ZamTube: Add scalepoints enumeration for tonestack styles. . Changelog: Reorder entries -. Travis: deploy release token. . Dpf: Update submodule for glibc compat. . Version 3.13.
3.1210 Mar 2020 05:03 minor feature: