Zotero 6.0.33

Zotero is a free and open-source reference management software to manage bibliographic data and related research materials (such as PDF files). Notable features include web browser integration, online syncing, generation of in-text citations, footnotes, and bibliographies, as well as integration with the word processors Microsoft Word, LibreOffice Writer, and Google Docs. It is produced by the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University.

Tags citation documentation styles
License Affero GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

6.0.3327 Feb 2024 14:25 minor feature:
6.0.3029 Jan 2024 14:19 major feature: Security Disabled libvpx support (CVE-2023-5217) Security Added content-loading restrictions to generated reports
6.0.2815 Oct 2023 07:33 major feature: Mac only Fixed Run-time error '5' in Word on some institutional computers (since 6.0.27) Fixed error if the Word application was located on a non-default path containing extended characters (since 6.0.27) Use previous Word integration mechanism on pre-Sonoma systems if localhost HTTP requests from Word are blocked Updated Zotero Connector for Safari to fix transferring documents to/from Google Docs
6.0.2707 Sep 2023 19:21 major feature: macOS Sonoma compatibility Fixed error using Word for Mac plugin with the Sonoma beta Compatibility with databases containing new annotation types from the Zotero 7 beta Reduced likelihood of rate-limiting when saving many items via Add Item by Identifier Fixed startup error due to numeric value for Type: in Extra field Fixed potential sync error after using Replace Online Library in group Allow window dragging from PDF reader toolbar Fixed some PDF downloads from ScienceDirect Miscellaneous bibliographic output and word processor integration fixes Updated citeproc-js to 1.4.63
6.0.2623 Apr 2023 11:58 major feature: Fixed inability to enter value into Identifier field in Dataset item type and removed redundant Number field
6.0.2523 Apr 2023 11:58 major feature: Fixed collection switching in classic citation dialog (since 6.0.24)
6.0.2423 Apr 2023 11:57 major feature: Functionality added or changed Added Dataset and Standard item types Bugs fixed Fixed potential error using Everything search if another library hadn't been loaded Fixed feed updates causing refreshing or scrolling of collection and item trees Don't show HTML and Markdown options for collection export Improved sorting by name in Quick Format dialog Set default color for Mendeley annotations on import if missing Prevent plugins from creating searches with empty names that break syncing
6.0.2324 Mar 2023 15:57 major feature: Functionality changed or added Allow quitting app via Alt-F + X on Windows and Ctrl-Q on Linux Improved direct saving of files on sites that check referrer Bugs fixed Mac/Safari Fixed bug after Google Docs redesign where Zotero menu would become inactive after hovering over document mode switcher Fixed incomplete Mendeley import due to empty creators or tags Fixed detection of duplicates with same last name but different field modes Fixed `no such column: IA.authorName` error from early 6.0 beta upgrade
6.0.2224 Feb 2023 14:18 major feature: Functionality changed or added Reintroduced text color tool in new note editor Added three additional colors to PDF reader and note editor Added option to use Creator - Year - Title or Filename instead of Title - Creator - Year for PDF tab titles Made toolbar accessible via keyboard Focus indicators are currently shown only on Windows and Linux Increased number of PDF tabs kept in memory on Windows and 8 GB systems from 2 to 3 Added additional retraction reason descriptions Bugs fixed Fixed startup error if database is corrupted and no automatic backup files exist Fixed potential startup error on some systems due to filesystem limitations/restrictions Detect retractions for DOIs with capital letters Fixed bug that could cause erroneous undoing of ink annotation lines on other devices
6.0.2021 Jan 2023 11:09 major feature: Functionality changed or added Reduce memory usage on Windows with multiple PDF tabs Bugs fixed Security Fixed incorrect handling of DOI value when opening DOI from item pane (reported by @yfdyh000) Fixed incorrect/excessive retries after multiple HTTP 500 responses Fixed automatic relinking of linked files within Linked Attachment Base Directory when moving from macOS/Linux to Windows (follow-up to 6.0.16) Fixed DOI field context menu not appearing after field edit until pane refresh Don't open URL in attachment pane on right click
6.0.1921 Jan 2023 11:09 major feature: Functionality changed or added Automatic relinking of Mendeley citations (details) Added Any Field advanced search condition Allow 204 response to OPTIONS request from WebDAV server Handle relative PDF links when using custom PDF resolver Bugs fixed Don't show items with annotated attachments after moving to trash Fixed attachment downloading from some proxied sites Fixed focus stealing in item box when switching items via keyboard Fixed clearing of active quick search after annotation change Don't interpret number without space before it as page number in Quick Format dialog Don't attempt to detect page number on paste in Quick Format dialog Fixed freeze in collections/items lists when type-to-find wrapped and first row was selected
6.0.1811 Nov 2022 08:01 major feature: Fixed incorrect merging of citations in word processor plugins (since 6.0.16)
6.0.1705 Nov 2022 15:06 major feature: Mac only Fixed potential errors using Google Docs integration in Safari Fixed error copying from note editor when Quick Copy note format is HTML Fixed Quick Copy drag after resetting translators or using third-party plugins that modify translators
6.0.1605 Nov 2022 15:05 major feature: Functionality changed or added Automatic merging of adjacent in-text citations Works in Word, LibreOffice, and Google Docs To merge citations, make sure they're immediately adjacent, with no spaces between them, and then press Refresh to merge them into a single citation Multi-item citations can still be created or modified using Add/Edit Citation Added Include Zotero Links option for Rich Text/HTML Quick Copy and note export Allows pasting of annotations and notes with zotero:// links into editors such as Obsidian that accept rich text by default without needing to force use of plain-text Markdown output (details) Automatically locate missing attachments within Linked Attachment Base Directory If a linked file can't be found and a Linked Attachment Base Directory is set, check whether part of the current path can be applied to the Linked Attachment Base Directory to locate the file, and offer to relink the file and any other files with the same base path PDF reader changes Allow importing annotations from files in group libraries Keep only 2 tabs loaded on systems with 8 GB or less of memory Removed view-only rotation in favor of actual page rotation Truncate long text in bubbles in Quick Format citation dialog Added additional note font size options in View menu Additional sizes still configurable via extensions.zotero.note.fontSize in Config Editor Bugs fixed Don't match all attachments with annotations for not search conditions (since 6.0.15) Fixed wrong given name disambiguation after editing author in a given session Fixed potential hang or infinite retry from certain website responses when using Find Available PDFs Fixed assignment of colored tags using number keys (without Shift) on French keyboards PDF reader Fixed 'r' key not working inside input fields Make full URL clickable when URL contains DOI Fixed an issu
6.0.1501 Oct 2022 11:48 major feature: Added split view in PDF reader Split Horizontally and Split Vertically options in the View menu and context menu Second view is a plain PDF view without annotations, intended primarily for viewing references and endnotes Fixed Add Note from Annotations with annotations from external PDF reader (since 6.0.14) Fixed error creating note from attachment with ink annotations (since 6.0.14) Removed default WorldCat OpenURL gateway (discontinued by OCLC) Disable spell check in math nodes
6.0.1401 Oct 2022 11:47 major feature: Functionality changed or added Added math support in notes Right-click Insert Math, or use space for block math and space for inline math Accepts LaTeX math input supported by KaTeX and renders as formatted math Search for PDF annotation tags in library view PDF annotation tags appear in the tag selector alongside item tags Filtering/searching for annotation tags matches parent attachments Quickly create notes with PDF annotations from multiple items New Create Note from Annotations option in items-list context menu creates a standalone note with annotations from all the selected top-level items and/or attachments Add Note from Annotations now creates a single child note if multiple attachments under a single item are selected Annotations are sorted by the order of the items in the items list PDF reader changes Auto-detect URLs and DOIs in PDF content and open on click Allow assigning/unassigning tag/color for multiple annotations via drag and drop Added annotation author names to sidebar filter options in group libraries Added Copy Image and Save Image As context-menu options for image annotations Adjust user interface based on main font size setting (View Font Size) Support mouse back and forward buttons for in-PDF navigation Support page ranges when determining page label for the next page Convert Mendeley PDF annotations to equivalent Zotero colors Attempt to deduplicate repeated text in text layer Don't copy abstract when creating Book Section from Book item Added Number as items-list column option Mac Safari Various Zotero Connector improvements, including improved image saving in snapshots Bugs fixed Made creator buttons (item type menu, field mode, add/remove) accessible via keyboard Fixed endless retries for some requests when encountering an HTTP 5xx error from a ser
6.0.1322 Aug 2022 13:09 major feature: Fixed Show in Page for annotations in notes (since 6.0.12) Fixed Show in Page not working when opening an unloaded PDF tab (since 6.0.5) PDF reader fixes Properly preserve text selection on zoom or window resize Fixed keyboard shortcuts not working after clicking on gray margins Various improvements to Citavi import Properly update items list when emptying trash
6.0.1216 Aug 2022 08:43 major feature: Functionality changed or added Added Back button to PDF reader toolbar for in-PDF links (also available via keyboard shortcuts) Added Create Book Section and Create Book from Book Section context-menu options Allow scrolling tabs with mouse wheel Bugs fixed Fixed copying of standalone attachments between libraries Fixed importing of standalone attachments from Zotero RDF Preserve embedded PDF annotations when merging duplicate items Fixed event title (e.g., Conference Name) not appearing for some citation styles (since 6.0.10) Fixed Performer for Audio Recording not showing up as author in citations (since 6.0.10) Don't preselect Act for multiple sources in classic citation dialog Fixed problems downloading large PDFs from ScienceDirect Fixed last-selected PDF tab not being selected on startup Fixed existing PDF tabs not being reused for same file after restart Don't create extra newlines when dragging annotations to notes Fixed advanced search of feed that hasn't yet been selected in library view Fixed Shift-Tab breaking on single-field creators Miscellaneous other bug fixes
6.0.1019 Jul 2022 20:58 major feature: Functionality changed or added PDF reader improvements Switch between tools and colors with Option/Alt + 1/2/3/4 keys Enable text selection after selecting word/line with double/triple-click Improved whitespace handling when extracting text from some PDFs Note editor improvements Removed content width limit in separate note editor windows Use Markdown for direct plain-text copying Smarter note switching when switching between PDF reader tabs (details) When Show Items from Subcollections is enabled, removing an item from a collection now removes it from all subcollections as well Improved PDF saving from ScienceDirect on slow connections (details) Sort empty rows last for Date/Year columns when descending Added CSL 1.0.2 field mappings and citation locators (details) Custom note templates: Include quotation marks for highlight by default except when placed within blockquote Mendeley importer improvements Longer timeout for slow Mendeley API responses Better progress indication Better handling of interrupted imports Other miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes Bugs fixed Fixed startup failure on some macOS systems (details) Prevent potential breakage at startup due to a plugin modifying item fields in the Zotero database
6.0.911 Jul 2022 07:49 major feature: Functionality changed or added Added PDF page rotation and deletion from thumbnails tab of PDF reader sidebar Bugs fixed Fixed downloading of ScienceDirect PDFs Fixed library tab tooltip staying visible after switching apps Fixed detection of some emoji set as colored tags Fixed parsing of Chinese and other non-ASCII month names Mac Fixed Force Click during drag sometimes causing accidental collection switching Mac Fixed Option-arrow not working on macOS when editing collection names Fixed sorting by Attachments column Select search input text when focusing search bar in note editor Fixed positioning of search result highlighting in notes containing accented characters Fixed mapping of Archive ID to CSL number field in Preprint item type Fixed space not appearing after citation number in some numeric styles (IEEE, Nature) in plain-text output
6.0.811 Jul 2022 07:48 major feature: Functionality changed or added Improved find/replace functionality in note editor Ignore diacritics when searching within note Bugs fixed Fixed find-as-you-type in collections/items lists moving to next row when typing additional matching letter (since 6.0.7) Fixed column-resizing issues in items list When using external PDF reader, try to open to correct page when using Show on Page for an annotation Fixed misaligned column dividers for second-level items Developer Translator Editor: Fixed load error when using non-default font size
6.0.711 May 2022 10:11 major feature: Functionality changed or added Pin library tab when many tabs are open Added support for switching tabs with Cmd-Option- / on macOS (in addition to existing shortcuts) Bugs fixed Fixed find-as-you-type in collections/items lists matching only first letter Improved column width handling when resizing window Show additional Tools menu options in PDF tabs Fixed target is undefined error upgrading from Zotero 4
6.0.611 May 2022 10:11 major feature: Functionality changed or added Added Duplicate Tab context-menu option Show Add Note from Annotations in attachment context menu in addition to parent item menu Show more of tab titles Improved sorting of Library of Congress call numbers Added note.smartQuotes hidden pref to disable smart quotes in notes Added sortNotesChronologically.reader hidden pref to control sorting of item notes in PDF reader Notes pane Default sort is again reverse chronological (changed to alphabetical in 6.0.5) Bugs fixed Allow adding multiple sources at once in classic citation dialog Fixed various bugs adding annotations to notes with a custom note template set Fixed find-as-you-type in collections pane Fixed erroneous warning about outdated Word template on M1 Macs running some macOS versions
6.0.511 May 2022 10:10 major feature: Functionality changed or added Added table editing in notes PDF reader changes Removed Store Annotations in File option (details) Added Zoom to Page Height option Ignore comment in imported annotation if it matches highlighted text (for external PDF readers set to copy highlighted text to the comment field) The note tool no longer stays active after creating a note annotation Manually set page numbers are now used as the offset for new annotations Add to Note now adds annotations at the cursor position instead of at the end of the note Added keyboard shortcuts for bold and italics in annotation comments Added Open PDF in New Window context-menu option in items list Decreased memory usage with multiple PDF tabs Background PDF tabs are no longer loaded at startup Background PDF tabs are unloaded after 24 hours Only the 5 most recently viewed PDF tabs are kept in memory Added horizontal scrolling to tab bar Added validation of CSL 1.0.2 styles Improved call Bugs fixed Fixed cut-off text in collections/items lists when using various OS font scaling options Fixed Mendeley annotations being duplicated on reimport after sync Fixed invalid page numbers imported from Citavi that could cause sync errors (details) Don't merge attachment files if some are in trash Don't merge attachment files of different link types (stored vs. linked) Fixed broken tag selector after setting a colored tag changed by Unicode normalization Fixed some cases of creator autocomplete not populating both name fields Fixed copying text in PDF annotation text fields Fixed annotation highlight colors not showing up when adding notes to word processors Fixed highlight colors not showing up when pasting text into notes from word processors Fixed some item types not appearing in New Item submenu until restart after creating new items Fixed middle click to close tabs Improved item tree column header alignment Fixed if tags returning true for no tags in note template Miscellaneous other bug fixes
6.0.428 Mar 2022 13:27 minor feature: Fixed condition names appearing incorrectly in Advanced Search in non-English locales (since 6.0.3) Fixed Quick Copy and delete confirmation in standalone PDF reader windows
6.0.325 Mar 2022 10:31 minor feature: Zotero 6 note editor improvements Paragraphs can now be indented and unindented with Tab/Shift-Tab Improved RTL support Fixed annotations disappearing when converted to heading Fixed annotation comment in PDF reader sometimes being cleared while typing Fixed missing More Columns submenu in column picker on some systems Fixed error merging items with missing attachment files Windows Fixed path.startsWith is not a function sync error Fixed appearance of citation bubble in Quick Format dialog Fixed Add Note window not appearing when classic citation dialog is enabled Link to manual word processor plugin installation instructions on install failure
6.0.225 Mar 2022 10:30 minor feature: Zotero 6 Word plugin is now digitally signed Fixed automatic installation of updated Word and LibreOffice plugins with "Add Note" button for Zotero 6 Fixed cleanDOI: argument must be a string startup error caused by Scite plugin (details) Fixed error adding items to groups before syncing in Zotero 6 Fixed expand/collapse arrow not appearing at top of items list Fixed sorting of item rows starting with numeric ranges Reset scrollbar to top of items list on collection change Linux Fixed appearance of Quick Format bar in dark theme
6.0.122 Mar 2022 15:07 minor feature: Mac Word Fixed error inserting second citation into footnote Linux Fixed appearance of column header in dark theme Fixed incorrect zotero:// links from unsynced libraries
6.021 Mar 2022 13:42 minor feature: PDF reader and new note editor Read PDFs within Zotero in a new tabbed interface Create highlight, note, and image annotations on PDFs, and view ink annotations created using the new iOS app Take notes in a powerful new note editor Add annotations, citations, and images to notes, with customizable templates Insert notes into Word, LibreOffice, or Google Docs with automatic citations generated from annotations using a new Add Note option Export notes to Markdown via Quick Copy or file export Non-English spellchecking in notes Non-English dictionaries can now be added or selected by right-clicking on a note Mac Bundled Safari extension The Zotero Connector for Safari is now bundled with Zotero and can be enabled from the Extensions pane of Safari Improved Mendeley importer Import Mendeley data from online library to circumvent local encryption Import PDF annotations Improved Citavi importer Import PDF annotations Faster auto-sync uploads Local changes (other than note edits) now sync within 3 seconds Items list improvements Show small PDF icon in Attachments column when item has PDF Show emoji colored tags directly in items list Rich-text markup in titles is now rendered properly in the items list Add selected items to new or existing collection via context menu Sort date columns in descending order on first click Ignore additional punctuation characters when sorting Added Short Title column Column picker is now available by right-click on column headers Dotted border is now shown around selected row when using non-contiguous selection via keyboard (Cmd- / or Ctrl- / plus space bar) Syncing reminders Show a message if syncing hasn t been set up or if auto-sync has been disabled Added Preprint item type Renamed Suppress Author to Omit Author in word processor plugin Advanced Search window can now be opened with Cmd/Ctrl-Shift-F Added Author, Editor, and Book Author conditions to Advanced Search window Don't require modifier key when deleting items in saved se Aug 2021 12:04 minor feature: OpenURL resolver list for Library Lookup The OpenURL section in the Advanced preferences now includes a list of resolvers from the Zotero OpenURL directory Drastically reduced memory usage for large imports and long sessions Re-dragging an item to another library no longer restores a previously dragged version of the item from the trash Don't show field autocomplete results from other libraries An open item field is now saved properly when clicking directly on creator mode switch button Updated behavior of colored tag toggling via keyboard Update Date Modified when toggling tag If any selected items don't have the tag, add it to all items, instead of deciding based on the first item File sync performance improvements in large libraries at quota or with remotely missing files Fixed erroneous Only top-level full items can be merged error trying to merge some item types in recently created databases Fixed possible repeating Reset Group and Sync error Linux Fixed display of Item Type menu with dark them Apr 2021 10:16 minor feature: Mac Fixed slow performance of Word plugin when Zotero window wasn't visible Disable macOS App Nap while performing operations Reduced online storage usage of single-file web snapshots Fixed potential hang when generating citations (since 5.0.94)
5.0.9626 Feb 2021 21:42 minor feature: Perform database integrity check after startup error Check Database Integrity can now recover from additional database problems Fixed duplicate collections in exports (fixed previously for Zotero RDF via translator update) Fixed Cut/Copy/Paste context menu not appearing in Create Parent Item dialog Fixed New Collection button not working when My Publications is selected Use multi-line text box for all title fields (e.g., Case Name) Mac Fixed Run Time Error: 5 in Word on some computers Miscellaneous bibliographic output and word processor integration fixes Updated citeproc-js to version 1.4.61 Create log file in data directory during database upgrades for better debugging Improved handling of future data updates during sync
5.0.9531 Jan 2021 23:10 minor feature: Restore Create Parent Items context-menu option when multiple items are selected (since 5.0.94) Don't auto-sync group on remote change if not group is not selected for syncing Fixed potential double-saving of snapshots Mac Fixed incorrect sizing of UI when moving Zotero between monitors with different resolutions on Big Sur Windows Renew digital signature of Word plugin Fixed potential error upgrading old databases (since 5.0.94) Developer Use Ace editor in Run JavaScript window