CopyQ 6.4.0 💾

CopyQ is clipboard manager – a desktop application which stores content of the system clipboard whenever it changes and allows to search the history and copy it back to the system clipboard or paste it directly to other applications.

minor feature: Added Items in menu can be additionally filtered using the item notes (#2170). Items can be sorted with a custom order via scripting. For example: var sel = ItemSelection().selectAll(); const texts = sel.itemsFormat(mimeText); sel.sort(function(i,j) return texts i texts j ; ); Changed More shortcuts and even sequences of shortcuts can be now captured and assigned. This uses new QKeySequenceEdit UI widget from Qt framework. UI uses the preferred sans-serif system font in the dark theme. Fixed Fixes copying items in order they were selected (#2124). Fixes re-selecting the edited item after external editor closes. Fixes menu theme (#2139). Avoids duplicating items from clipboard in synchronized tabs (#2236). macOS: Fixes compatibility with macOS 10.15 (#2103). Linux: Fixes synchronizing UTF-encoded text to/from primary selection (#2195) Wayland: Avoids showing window after a screen is turned on. Wayland: Avoids a rare crash while accessing clipboard data. Wayland: Fixes pasting to some XWayland apps (#2234) X11: Avoids app freeze when entering search mode (#2171). X11: Fixes capturing quickly changing clipboard text (ignores unchanged TIMESTAMP).

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