streamtuner2 2.2.2

Streamtuner2 is an internet radio browser. It utilizes various directory services like Shoutcast, Xiph, InternetRadio, SurfMusik, Streema, TuneIn, LiveRadio, Reddit, or Jamendo and Peertube to present categorized streaming stations. It chains to installed audio players like Audacious or VLC, uses streamripper for recording, but also allows bookmarking, exporting and easy searching.

movgrab 3.1.2

A downloader for youtube and other websites/media streams like internet radio.

ICEcast 2.4.2

ICEcast is a audio/video streaming media server. Which supports Ogg Vorbis, Ogg Theora, FLAC over Ogg, Opus, Speex in Ogg, WebM and MP3 audio streams. It's widely used for setting up public internet radio stations, or local jukebox servers. ICEcast is flexible and extensible with new media formats and functionality.

Great Little Radio Player 1.4.7

GRLP is a robust internet radio station stream browser and player for Linux distributions. It comes with a pre-built list of 500 known streaming stations, connects to their audio servers and plays them inline. It also allows to add new ones, or rename and regroup them. It's very customizeable and comes with many fancy window backgrounds and themes.