movgrab 3.1.2

A downloader for youtube and other websites/media streams like internet radio.

Tags youtube dailymotion internet-radio downloader
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

3.1.220 Jul 2017 09:03 minor bugfix: Per-user config files had a bug where the wrong patch was being accessed. The sshtunnel proxy type has been modified to work with the .ssh/config system of defining connections by a connection name rather than by a full user/host/port path.
3.1.127 Jun 2017 10:07 minor bugfix: This release is focused on improving 'player' support (using the -P command-line switch). Players now read from stdin, rather than from a file. The option '-o none' is added to allow use of player mode without leaving files of downloaded content lying around on disk. Also some bugfixes, including fix of a segfault when a connection fails.
3.1.015 Jun 2017 20:54 major feature: Added a preferences file and a number of environment variables to allow configuring proxies and preferred media formats. Added the '-P auto' flag to automatically select player from choices in the preferences file.
3.0.314 Mar 2017 22:38 minor bugfix: m3u8 downloads had a file locking problem that caused them to say the file was already being downloaded. This release fixes that.
3.0.228 Jan 2017 23:30 major feature: downloads work again. added to list of sites. General code tidyups and bugfixes.
3.0.026 Jan 2017 23:59 major feature: Removed long-dead video sites. Updated code to get most sites working again. Improved handling of proxy servers. Added new sites:,,,, Added -np option to specify a 'now playing' file for use with ICY/icecast internet radio stations. Added -U option to specify user-agent string.
2.0.014 May 2016 23:22 major bugfix: Ressurecting this project. Socks proxy support added. Now compiles under openbsd/freebsd. Some broken sites fixed, some removed.